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Like many of today's modern technologies, CPAP machines are rapidly becoming smaller, lighter and quieter. Over the next few months our "What's New In CPAP Machines" series will take you on a feature by feature tour of the most exciting CPAP trends. We will give you some great information and advice on each feature in easy to understand terms and explain how each of them can help make your CPAP therapy more comfortable and effective.

Size and Weight

Thanks to modern technology the weight of our top selling and lightest machine is only 1.7 lbs, about the weight of your average hardcover book. These new and lightweight machines are also designed to be robust enough for every night use and are backed by two year warranties.

Auto Adjusting CPAPs

This allows the machine to adjust itself on a breath by breath basis to deliver your ideal pressure. The APAP machine is especially helpful for individuals who change positions while they sleep, increasing pressure when it's too low and decreasing pressure when it's too high.

Sound? What Sound?

Not only have machines gotten smaller, lighter and more durable but they've become quieter too. The average decibel level of a majority of our machines is only 30-dB, about the same level as a whispered voice. If your bed-partner is complaining that your CPAP machine is keeping them up at night and you can't stand the whine of your machine it could be time to invest in some silence.

Battery Power

Will you be prepared for the next natural disaster that could leave you without power? If the power goes out will you be able to use your CPAP machine? Upgrade today to one of our 11 battery capable or battery-integrated machines such as the battery-integrated Everest II. With these machines and's own battery pack you can be sure to sleep each and every night with ease whether your machine is plugged into the wall or into one of our long lasting, travel friendly batteries.

E-Z Breathing Technology

EZ Breathing Technologies such as C-Flex and EPR are improvements to CPAP therapy that make it easier for you breathe out against CPAP pressure comfortably. This technology is safe, well established and has its roots in BiPAP pressure algorithms. Easy Breathing options are now available on a wide variety of machines, even many travel friendly models. This could be just the solution you are looking for if you have difficulty breathing out against your CPAP Pressure.

Performance Monitoring

Many patients are taking control of their CPAP therapy. There's no better way to do that than with CPAP software. The recently introduced EncoreViewer is a new software introduced by Respironics specifically for CPAP users. The EncoreViewer comes with full tech support. Respironics isn't the only company that offers software for your machine. Puritan Bennett and ResMed offer software as well but do not offer software support. Many machines are software capable! Not sure if your machine is software capable? Call us at (800) 356-5221 and we can let you know.

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* Important - Respironics Service Notice*

Beginning December 31st, 2007 Respironics will no longer provide repair service on the following older models of their machines.
  • BiPAP S
  • BiPAP S/T
  • Aria LX
  • Solo LX
  • REMstar LX
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