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CPAP Newsletter: Introducing the World's Smallest APAP

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Pre-Order The Transcend Auto and Humidifier
It Might Look Similar, But it’s a Whole Different Type of Machine

The Transcend Auto
Auto Adjusting This machine monitors your breathing on a breath-by-breath basis and adjusts to the ideal pressure within a given range.
Travel Friendly Weighing less than a pound makes Transcend the easiest machine to travel with.
Compatibility The Auto works with all Transcend accessories including the heated humidifier.
Pre-Order the Transcend EZEZ

The Difference Between an APAP and a CPAP
CPAPs are set to blow air at a constant set pressure that will keep air passages open.
APAPs or Auto Adjusting CPAPs such as the Transcend Auto are set to disperse air at a range of pressures, constantly adjusting to the minimum pressure needed to keep airways open, thereby maximizing comfort.
Pre-Order the Transcend Auto
A CPAP prescription
can be used to buy
an APAP.
Pre-Order the Transcend Auto