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CPAP Newsletter: Dealing with Pets and CPAP Therapy

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Dealing with Pets and CPAP Therapy
Cat Grabbing Hose

On / Off Troubles.

Some CPAP users wake up in the middle of the night to find a curious pet has turned their machine off. Select a system that won’t turn off with the push of a paw or use the auto on / off feature so your pet can’t kill the power.

Pet Debris.

Fur and pet dander are facts of life when owning a pet. Keep unsanitary matter out of your machine by adding a bacteria filter to your set up. Adding certain foods to your pet’s diet may also help cut down on the dander and shedding.
bacteria filter filters

CPAP Filters.

Pet owners typically need to replace their CPAP filters more often. Check your air intake regularly to see how your filters are holding up. Try our Part Finder to determine which ones to buy!

Overcome Odor.

As cute as they are, pets can be smelly. If your pet is polluting your CPAP air, try an aromatherapy sample pack.
Aromatherapy SnugglePhones

Lock Pets Out.

Sometimes it’s hard to say no to those mopey eyes, but don’t forget how you will feel in the morning if you let a restless pet sleep in your room. If you can't bear to kick your pet out, try our SleepPhones to keep out unwanted barks and meows.
Dog with Breeze
Cat Grabbing Hose


Chewed homework might be a thing of the past, but tubing and masks may still be at risk, even for cat owners. Keep extras on hand or use a SnuggleHose to protect tubing and make it look less appetizing.
Tubing SnuggleHose

Feeding Schedule.

If your pet looks forward to an early feeding time, adjust their feeding schedule to prevent them from waking you up.