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The CPAP wiki is a dynamic resource for CPAP news, Sleep Apnea related research and user advice on therapy and products. The best part of the wiki is you can add your two cents, too! Just click "Edit" to an article and add your feedback or findings. Check out the CPAP wiki.

Product Challenge

Trying to decide which equipment is right for you? Visit the Product Challenge portion of to see how competing products stack up against each other. Not only is our feedback unbiased by manufacturers, it comes straight from the users themselves. While you are there, sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to hear about Product Challenge enrollments and try the product yourself!

Local Services

Curious about where sleep doctors or CPAP providers are in your area? Check out our Local Service feature on CPAPtalk and find a list of sleep professionals and providers in your neck of the woods. Just like other service locators, all you need is an address or zip code.