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10 Foot Long 19mm Diameter CPAP Hose with 22mm Rubber Ends

Manufactured by cpap.com.

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Product Features

The 10 Foot Long 19mm Diameter CPAP Hose with 22mm Rubber Ends is a longer version of the standard hose packaged with many CPAP and BiLevel machines. The non-heated hose measures 19mm in interior diameter with a 22mm diameter rubber cuff. The width of the rubber connection allows the hose to attach to any machine compatible with a standard hose.

This hose is designed to increase range of motion for the user. The 10 foot extra long hose offers 120 inches of freedom during sleep therapy. The longer hose does not vary in quality. Those who sleep toward the middle of the bed or have a larger distance from the bed to the machine may benefit from the additional length.

Please Note: This hose is NOT compatible with a machine that requires a 15mm hose referred to as "thin" or "slim". In order to ensure compatibility, the machine MUST have the option to select the setting based on the diameter of the hose. The diameter of the hose will directly impact the delivery of prescribed pressure during sleep therapy, so the machine needs to accommodate the proper diameter of the hose.

Like all CPAP.com brand hoses, the hose is smooth on the inside due to the smooth bore design. The construction of the hose is intended to provide consistent pressure delivery and to ensure a quieter performing hose. The molded plastic frame is located on the outside of the hose for support.

The 10 Foot 19 mm Diameter CPAP Hose with 22mm Rubber Ends is a latex free product.

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