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Invacare Twilight II Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

Manufactured by Invacare.

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only.

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twilight time

Charlie M, North Las Vegas, NV – March 31, 2008

"Normally, during the second phase of a sleep study, (performed after sleep apnea severity is diagnosed), a number of masks are placed on a patient and tried out for best personal fit, comfort, and results. In my case, the Twilight mask proved to be the one that I liked best, given my facial features and nose projection.
When the original unit was sent over, the company had included 2 different masks, but they just didn't work as well as the Twilight, though they were similar. I am certainly glad that I can purchase these units here. (there are over 200 mask variations)."

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Voted most helpful critical review

R Lyn S, Beaumont, TX – March 06, 2009

"to keep the seal, the mask is very tight and uncomfortable. However, it was a great seal."

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bad straps fixed

Kaveh – January 21, 2011

"The old straps on my CPAP mask never fit right and you can feel the Velcro scratching me, plus it moved on my face to much. This seems to stay right in place and doesn't leave any marks on my face.
The only problem you have after buying this is to make sure you set your alarm clock the first couple days or you are out until the afternoon."

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Best Mask I've Found Yet

Karen K. T, Oilmont, MT – August 13, 2009

"My nose is narrow & rather deep set, and I have a short round face, so I have a hard time getting a good seal with most masks. They mostly seem to be too big and leak air, even after adjusting them. Also, I don't like a heavy feeling mask. So I have found this mask (small size) to be my favorite, as it is lightweight,seals well against my face, and is very comfortable. I have a whole drawer full of "other" masks that just don't work for me."

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Seal is good, noise is ok

Kevin F, Tarpon Springs, FL – March 18, 2009

"I purchased this mask as a replacement for my ultra mirage. I was extremely upset when I first put the new mask on as it was very very loud, but within a few minutes, it quieted down quite a bit, to the point where the noise was almost non existent. I still sometimes have to move the tube around to make the noise go down, but the noise does go away almost completely. I dont really have much to compare it to other than the ultra mirage which this new one is slightly better than. I also have the problem where air leaks out right by the top of my nose and hits my ele lids which is pretty annoying, but if you mess with it just a little bit, it goes away. I dont know why, but I had to use a chin strap with the ultra mirage, and for some odd reason, my mouth does not open with this new mask? I have no idea why, but it's a lot better to not have to wear that thing. All in all, I think it's probably the best value out there for me because I paid out of pocket for this other than go through insurance. The mask does seal and is pretty quiet as long as you play with it for just a minute when you first put it on at night. If you do get it, and put it on for the first time, dont freak out when it sounds like a jet for a few minutes, it will quiet down, or at least mine did."

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