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S9 VPAP™ Auto BiLevel Machine

The S9 VPAP Auto is the next generation model for the S8 VPAP Auto 25. This Bilevel machine provides an automatically adjusting pressure stream for inhalation, and another for exhalation. S9 VPAP Auto is an improvement over the S8 VPAP Auto 25 by including ResMed's Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology along with the Optional H5i with Climate Control, ClimateLine heated tubing.

Manufactured by ResMed.
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Product Features

At its core this bilevel machine automatically adjusts inhalation and exhalation pressure on a breath by breath basis to keep the airway open. This model improves on the S8 VPAP Auto 25 model by providing more comfort features that make breathing and adjusting to pressure changes easier, reduce sound to the machine user and bed partner, maintain set temperature and humidity levels despite changing room conditions.

Enhanced AutoSet Algorithm. This technology continuously monitors breathing in order to adjust the inhalation and exhalation pressure on a breath by breath basis to maintain an open airway.

Enhanced Easy-Breathe Technology. This technology makes the transitions between inhalation and exhalation pressures smoother allowing the user to more easily adjust to pressure changes.

Climate Control Humidification System. This system uses the ClimateLine heated tubing to maintain the set temperature and humidity levels despite changing room conditions.

Quieter Motor. The improved motor design sends less sound down the tubing and through the mask for the machine user and is also less audible to the bed partner.

Digital Display & Push Dial. The digital display and push dial make establishing and changing settings easy along with viewing previous nights therapy data.

SmartStart / SmartStop SmartStart / SmartStop enables your device to start automatically by breathing into the mask. This feature automatically starts and stops your CPAP machine when you put on or take off your mask.

Enhanced Vsync Technology. Vsync monitors leak rate through out the night and compensates for leak detection by adjusting the baseline pressure as needed.

TiControl Feature. TiControl is an additional setting that can accommodate individual respiratory conditions by improving the synchrony between the user and the device.

For more information about the S9 VPAP S, check out the S9 VPAP Series Welcome Guide

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