Respironics-style Deluxe Chinstrap Front Angle on Mannequin

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  • Respironics-style Deluxe Chinstrap Front Angle on Mannequin
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Deluxe-Style Chinstrap (Substitute for Respironics Deluxe Chinstrap)

The Deluxe-Style Chinstrap (Substitute for Respironics Deluxe Chinstrap) offers a wide strap. Most users feel it is more comfortable under the chin than most common cup-style chinstraps. Thinner straps are attached to the wider strap with Velcro to stabilize the chinstrap.

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Christopher B, PA – March 28, 2008

"This chin strap is solid, well designed, easy to use and easy to clean. It is also 1/3 the cost of the branded deluxe chin strap sold on the site and looks exactly the same.
The only two "problems", if they can be called that, are:
1) If you have a beard of length between 1/8" and 3/4" growth you may feel discomfort and itching. The strap will obviously be tight against your chin. The hair from your beard will be pushed against your chin. Some of the hair will stick out of the tiny holes in the strap as well. I suspect someone with longer beard hairs may not experience discomfort as the hair would be long enought to lay "flat" against the skin on your chin without the ends of the hairs being pushed into your skin or out the holes. This is not the manufacturer's fault - it is the decision of the wearer to have a beard or not. Just giving a heads-up to those with shorter beards for an informed decision.
2) Depending on the size and shape of your head you may find that the strap comes over your hairline on the sides of your face. Both the stabilizing strap in the front across your forehead and wherever the main strap laps over your hairline on your forehead and cheeks will cause marks. It most definitely covers your ears. Just another heads-up if these are things that you may be wondering.
I hope this helps someone. All in all this is a great chin strap. It does the job without a lot of fuss and is very simple/easy to use. I have experienced some initial discomfort in using it, but, as anything, I am sure in time I will become accustomed to it. When I take it off in the mornings anything I felt is gone quickly (within 10 minutes) and the only thing that remains for another 2 hours or so are the marks mentioned above.
I put it on first and then put on my nasal pillow mask. I have heard some putting it on top of the mask, but, I believe this would press the mask straps hard against your skin and would cause deeper marks than the
strap alone.
If you don't want a full face mask and need help keeping your mouth closed at night, this product does the job."

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David B, OH – March 13, 2012

"most people seemed to like this product that is why i got this but for me, it did not seem to work.bottom part of chin strap would wind up over mouth unless i pulled strap so tight that it was uncomfortable.i hope this helped someone"

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Robert M, MA – July 15, 2014

"This is a very poor substitute for the original Deluxe Chinstrap. Material is less substantial and therefore doesn't work as well. Also only one side of Velcro, though that isn't a significant problem. Way overpriced."

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Jennifer F, TX – June 17, 2014

"Thank you to your sites recommendation video this is perfect and no slippage at all. Love it stays put. Cost wad half of your competitors."

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Brigitte T, CA – June 12, 2014

"I don't wear the chinstrap over the ears as shown in the pictures because it hurts my ears. Rather, I place it in front of the ears. This means it juts out from the chin, but that doesn't bother me. I also made a sleeve with velcro closures so that the strap would not scratch my skin. I had to make the back strap longer. It covers the back strap of the Airfit pillows and keeps it in place. Although this chinstrap is tighter than others I have used, it helps with getting good AHi numbers. However, it does not totally eliminate opening my lips while sleeping which of course causes leakage."

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