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    SD Memory Card Reader for IntelliPAP, PR System One and S9 Machines

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    SD Memory Card Reader for IntelliPAP, PR System One and S9 Machines

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    The SD Memory Card Reader allows you to upload therapy data from any SD memory card. Connect the Card Reader to any USB port on a computer to access therapy data instantaneously and start tracking your progress.

    This is a USB to SD memory card reader that will work with the following CPAP machines:

    • PR System One
    • IntelliPAP
    • ResMed S9

    Please Note: The style and shape of the card reader varies but the function of the reader is unaffected.

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    CPAP Video & FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What data capable machines are available?
    CPAP machines which record full data (such as AHI and leak info):

    AUTOPAP ("Autotitrating CPAP" or "APAP") machines which record full data:

    BILEVEL ("BiPAP") machines which record full data:

    CPAP Machines that only record Compliance Data (Hours Used) are:

    How do I interpret my data?
    Software data can be interpreted by your physician or clinician. There are also many websites and search engines available to help you research the sleep apnea related terms which will provide you more knowledge in managing your own cpap therapy. our free Sleep Apnea forum is a great resource for CPAP users who want to understand their condition and take control over their health.
    What types of Software are available?
    There are two types of software available: Compliance software, and Advanced software.

    Compliance software provides data such as patient hours, total machine operating hours, your pressure setting, and pressure relief information. Advance software includes compliance data and provides more detail such as AHI (Apnea/Hypopnea Index), Leakage, most pressure used, and a detailed usage histogram.

    Compliance software is available with some standard CPAP machines. Advanced software is available with most top of the line CPAP machines, APAPs, and Bi-level machines as well.
    What does CPAP software do?
    CPAP software allows the downloading of information from certain CPAP machines. Information on breathing, pressure levels delivered, apneas, etc. is available to help determine the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. Software is not required to operate a CPAP machine. CPAP Software also provides more data than obtained through the on screen display or SmartCode. The CPAP Software also allows you and your doctor to drill into any night of data recorded and view the data on an hour by hour basis.

    Some CPAP manufacturer maintains a proprietary software package that is only compatible with their machines.

    Here is a list of each manufacturer and the name of its related full data software:
    • Philips Respironics: EncorePro - sold for Sleep Professionals
    • Philips Respironics: EncoreViewer 1.0 - sold for Patient Use
    • Puritan Bennett (Legacy 420 Series): SilverLining 3.10 - sold for both
    • Covidien: Sandman Series Therapy Software 1.2 - sold for both
    • Resmed: ResScan 3.3 and ResScan 3.7 - sold for Sleep Professionals
    • DeVilbiss: SmartLink Therapy Management Software - sold for both
    • Fisher & Paykel: Performance Maximizer - sold for both

    Here is a list of each manufacturer and the name of is related compliance software:

    • AEIOMed: DataRest Compliance Software Kit - sold for both
    • Fisher & Paykel: Compliance Maximizer - sold for both
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