The CPAP Tube Brush

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  • The CPAP Tube Brush
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  • The CPAP Tube Brush - Shown with Hose - Not Included

The CPAP Tube Brush

The CPAP Tube Brush is specifically designed to scrub and clean the inside of a standard CPAP hose. Anytime moisture sits in an enclosed space, you risk the chance of growing mold or algae. The Tube Brush bristles gently clean your CPAP tubing.

Manufactured by Monaco Products, Inc.

Item #TB-5

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: The CPAP Tube Brush Second Gen.

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Product Features

Anyone who has tried cleaning a CPAP tube knows there are not many ways to thoroughly clean inside the hose. The Tube Brush is a five foot galvanized stem with a tubular shaped brush on one end. Feed the flexible stem, brush end first, into the CPAP tube and gently begin working the brush back out, scrubbing away at the inside liner.

The soft nylon bristles are sized to exactly fit a standard (22mm bore) CPAP hose. The five foot stem is more than enough to clean a ten foot hose. Simply clean each end of the CPAP tube to scrub the entire hose.

The CPAP Tube Brush is for use only with standard size, 22mm diameter hose. It is NOT designed to work with SlimLine tubes, those being 15mm or 18mm in diameter.