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Hurricane CPAP Equipment Dryer

The Home Edition Hurricane CPAP Equipment Dryer uses static warm air to dry CPAP parts and accessories in an enclosed cabinet. Set the timer and warm air begins to fill the chamber. As air flows across all surfaces of the wet items, the warm air statically dries CPAP supplies.

Manufactured by Siestamed Technologies, LLC.

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Hurricane cpap equipment Dryer

Mike B, CA – July 10, 2010

"My wife and I are on Cpap/ Bipap therapy and one of the biggest hassles is cleaning our tubing and mask’s. I was told about this product in a Cpap class I attended at the Sleep Lab where we had our test done. I saw the unit that the lab used to dry their equipment with and was very impressed with how much they could put in the dryer dripping wet and with in a 1 hour all of the equipment was dry. I purchased the home model and was amazed on how well it dried my wife’s and mine equipment. Its was so easy to do I washed the masks and tubing and then just put it in the dryer. Set the timer for 1 hour and walked away and when I came back later that day all the equipment was dry and the dome cover keep it clean so it was ready to use. I would recommend this to any Cpap user it is awesome."

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Love it !!!

Dale C, MS – February 12, 2014

"My wife and i are both CPAP users and this makes it so much more convenient for us to wash and dry our hoses and nasal pillows more often and we don't have to worry about them being dry when its time to go to bed."

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No more colds

Rock, NJ – January 12, 2014

"Hanging the tube to dry in the morning, and it would never dry by the evening, at night and I would get a cold. Letting it dry completely did not stop me from getting a cold either. The dryer stopped all of that now I was the tube and all of the equipment in the morning and I am not sick all week. I have finally started using the cpap machine regularly and I have to say I do feel better. I wish someone had told me about it earlier. Get product I it suggest for everyone who is having a problem drying there equipment."

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GREG A, KS – November 22, 2013

"I've only used it once but it's just what I was looking for. It dries the tubing on the inside and provides warm air on the outside of anything in the chamber. I really am glad I bought it."

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Great Dryer!

Sleepy Pilot – November 12, 2013

"This works better than expected. Every morning, I get up; clean my mask, hose and tank. I place them in the Hurricane Dyer, select 30 minutes dry time and I get ready for work. Before I leave the house, all of the parts are warm and dry. This process adds only 10 minutes to my busy morning schedule. The Hurricane dyer absolutely stopped the reoccurring mold problem inside the air tube! I will be ordering a second unit for my vacation home since travelling with it is very awkward."

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