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M Series Auto CPAP Machine with C-Flex

The M Series Auto is a small and feature packed CPAP that looks more like a stylish clock radio than a CPAP.

It easily packs away in your carry on luggage, and has an incredible number of high-tech features, including the patented C-Flex comfort feature, self-adjusting pressure, and powerful clinical data features, on-board.

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

Item #DS500S

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: M Series Auto CPAP with A-Flex.
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Robert A, JULIAN, CA – December 26, 2009

"I have used this machine and it's prior model for several years with no problems. I purchased the smaller updated unit both because it was lighter (for traveling) and because I felt I needed a backup in case the other needed to be repaired (assuming it can be, and that Respironica will still be making the parts). I use my older unit at home and take the newer unit when traveling. I choose the Auto C-FLEX model with Humidifier because experience has taught me that I need these features to be comfortable. Auto C-FLEX (with ramping) is incredibly comfortable to use, providing effortless breathing, and changed my life from the very first night I began to use it. I had apnia so bad that I simply counld not stay awake during the day, and started to nod after only an hour behind toe wheel of a car. I snored so loudly that my wife started making me sleep in another room. Life was not good. By the way, I choose the nose gear (Puritan Bennet Breeze SleepGear with Large (Green) Nasal pillows. I have found this system the most comfortable for me, allowing almost unlimited movement at night on both sides, on my back (for the firse time in years), and on my stomach (head to the side of course). The standard hose has proven to be adaquate. The filters are great, especially the micro dust and pollen filter (clean air all the time. Breathing moist air, by the way has a surprising cooling effect on vary hot nights. I have found it valuable to carry an extension cord and one extra milti outlet plug when traveling to allow machine electrical connection to plugs far away from the bed. One final comment. I have found the DC connection capability of the machine to be invaluable when camping. I purchased the DC adaptor, and attached the machine to a Marine Battery rated at 150 amp hours. The machine consumes an average of 3 amp hours (18 amp hours consumed if you sleep a 6 hour night). I re-charge the battery with an inexpensive solar unit the size of a sun visoor and have kept the system going for 2 weeks when fishing. I carry distilled water (20 oz in a Sams Club bottle) and have not run out yet durig a trip - water evaporated slowly in the humidifier. Good product, easy breathing in and out, minimum discomfort. Thanks for the high quality engineering - that such a simple thing could make such a difference in my life at the price it is offered."

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Voted most helpful critical review


Tom – October 07, 2006

"It whines alot, a high pitched sound that is not pleasant.

The lights on the control panel are way to bright.

NOT a good purchase on my part.


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Solid CPAP

Anonymous – February 17, 2010

"The Good:
1 - This is possibly the best looking CPAP of all time. It looks much better on the nightstand than the others I've had (and I've had a few).
2 - It's a decent size for travel.
3 - The software isn't very sophisticated, but it gets the job done.
4 - It's fairly quiet.
5 - The humidifier is easy to fill.
6 - It seems to be well built.

The Bad:
1 - The blue lights on the buttons are crazy bright. I had to use electrical tape to cover them up.
2 - I don't really like the feel of C-FLEX, so I turned it off.
3 - The humidifier doesn't have enough capacity and it doesn't run hot enough even on the top setting to use all of the capacity in an evening, which leaves me feeling dried out, particularly in the winter. I still haven't found an integrated humidifier in any CPAP as good as the HC150.
4 - I wish the display would provide data from the night before instead of an average over the last week.
5- The 2 cables coming out of the big power brick are a pain.

I am now using a new Respironics PR One Auto as my main CPAP and I actually think it's a step back from this model in most ways (other than the fact that it can supposedly detect and treat RERAs)."

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Hsieh J, Pasadena, CA – February 05, 2010

"good product , good service"

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Satisified with new machine and order

Jane B, SD – February 04, 2010

"Just got my new M series Auto C-Pap with CFlex. Have had a Respronics machine for 9 years, decided I needed an upgrade with a better humidifier that was heated, after my recent testing, with adding more air flow. So far I'm satisfied with my new machine and it's definatly quieter than my old one."

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