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  • resmed resscan usb adapter all parts
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ResScan™ USB Adapter for ResMed S8™ and S8™ II Series Machines

Manufactured by ResMed.

Item #22203

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only.

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Product Features

The ResScan USB Adapter is designed for use with all ResMed S8 and S8 II series CPAP machines. This package comes with a USB Cable and ResScan Adapter with USB Port. Connect the ResScan Adapter to the back of your CPAP machine, then connect the CPAP machine directly to an open USB port on any personal computer using the supplied USB Cable. Begin downloading therapy data simply and easily without the use of a Smart Card or Card Reader.

This product does not include ResScan Software, Smart Card, or ResScan Card Reader. This product eliminates the need for a Smart Card and Card Reader.