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S8 AutoSet™ II CPAP Machine

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The S8 AutoSet II is one of the top models in ResMed's S8 series. Featuring optional fully integrated humidification, remote data downloading capabilities, clinically proven AutoSet algorithm, EPR and the added comfort of Easy-Breathe technology. The AutoSet II is a compact, all-in-one system, ideal for travel or at home. Use Version 3.5 or greater ResScan Software to check therapy effectiveness, compliance data, and periodic trends.

Manufactured by ResMed.

Item #33129

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: S9 AutoSet™ CPAP Machine.
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Product Features

Designed to provide the most comfortable therapy available, the ResMed S8 AutoSet II is simple, quiet and easy to use. One-touch settings and simple set-up make this machine very attractive since the AutoSet algorithm works on a breath per breath basis and automatically adjusts to find the lowest required pressure needed, preventing most snoring and apnea events. Take advantage of EPR and the new Easy-Breathe technology which offers smoother, comfortable pressure by synchronizing with the CPAP user's normal breathing patterns, allowing for natural and stable breathing. Packed with features, ResMed was able to keep sound levels well below the industry norm, operating at 24 db(A).

ResMed has incorporated its expiratory pressure reduction system into the Auto Mode on this unit. A major feature missing from the first version. EPR decreases the pressure at the beginning of each breath and keeps the pressure low throughout the exhalation. The pressure is reduced by an exact pressure drop of: one, two or three centimeters of water pressure. EPR uses slower pressure changes, so there is little ventilatory effect. However, EPR does feel very much like a Bilevel to the patient.

EPR also has an Event Detection Circuit. When a sleep disordered breathing event is expected or has occurred, EPR stops until the event concludes and normal breathing resumes.

The S8 AutoSet II uses Easy-Breathe Technology along with EPR to make breathing more natural with smooth pressure waveforms, which imitates normal respiration and ultimately makes breathing more comfortable than traditional CPAP machines.

    Key Product Features

  • EPR with Easy-Breathe Technology
  • Whisper Quiet Operation (75% quieter)
  • Simple Menu
  • Optional Heated Humidifier
  • S8 Compact Design
  • Detailed Downloads with Use of Software
  • 12V DC Input
  • AutoSet Technology
  • Smooth Pressure Delivery

Word of Caution to RESmed S8 and S8 II Machine Users

YOU MUST USE the DC-12 Converter For S8 Machines when drawing power directly from a DC battery source (no inverter and no humidifier). Failure to do so can result in damage to your CPAP. ResMed S8 machines with a Humidaire heated humidifier (h3i and H4i) require a pure AC power source in order for the humidifier to work properly. The machine disables the humidifier when connected through DC Power. The machine and humidifier will both work properly only when connected to pure A/C power. You will need the DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter to operate both.