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S8 Elite™ II CPAP Machine

The S8 Elite II is the premium continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) model in ResMed's S8 series. The overall design has changed little, but major improvements can be seen in the quietness of the motor and the new Easy-Breathe technology. The Elite II is a compact, all-in-one system that is ideal for travel or the home.

Manufactured by ResMed.

Item #33039

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: S9 Elite™ CPAP Machine with EPR™.
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Important Tips

Word of Caution to RESmed S8 and S8 II Machine Users

YOU MUST USE a cord such as the DC Converter for S8 Machines in conjunction with any battery source, when using an S8 or S8 II machine. Failure to do so can result in damage to your CPAP.

DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for Resmed S8 Machines

ResMed S8 machines are required to use a pure sine wave AC power source when connecting through an inverter; particularly, the ResMed S8 Compact is not DC compatible and must plug into a wall socket. The DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Second Gen provides clean AC power to any CPAP. You will need this product to operate the S8 Compact or any other S8 machine using the standard AC plug.

Cool Down Feature

All S8 and S8 II CPAP Machines utilize a "Cool Down" feature that runs the CPAP Motor up to 1 hour after turning the machine off. The motor helps to cool off the humidifier plate. You may hear a "faint blowing sound" when you turn the machine off. However, you can unplug the power cord and allow the heater plate to cool without airflow.


SmartStart enables your device to start automatically by breathing into the mask. Leak alert indicates when a high mask leak is present. If you have enabled Leak Alert, the SmartStart feature automatically becomes disabled. You cannot have both features enabled.


The S8 AutoSet II and Elite II are compatible with the Humidaire 3i and the Humidaire 4i Heated Humidifier, but the CPAP machines were manufactured BEFORE the H4i was manufactured. When setting either machine, please note that H3i will appear on the display.

Leak Alert

Leak alert indicates when a mask is leaking as a result from a poor seal, open mouth or the complete removal of a mask. The alert is audible as well as visible on the machine's LCD display. This is one of the loudest and audible alerts on the market!

Manufacturer Warranty
This machine comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. will work with the manufacturer on your behalf if the machine needs repairs. Please follow these steps:

  • Contact us at or 1-800-356-5221 to receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number before returning the equipment
  • Include a note with the machine describing the issue you are experiencing, along with your full contact information to include a return shipping address and the RMA number provided to you
  • Ship only the defective items to at 10101 Stafford Centre Drive, Stafford, TX 77477
  • Do not return accessory items such as the carry bag, hose or power cords
  • Loaner Machines are available for rental during the warranty process
  • Email updates will be sent to keep you informed as the machine moves through the warranty process
  • will contact the manufacturer on your behalf and handle all shipping between us and the manufacturer
  • The repaired or replaced unit will be returned to you. Shipping charges may apply.

Please note: The manufacturer warranty is voided by water damage or misuse of the machine.