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  • Swift FX Bella with Ear Loop - Side View (mannequin not included)
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  • ResMed Swift FX Bella Loop and Headgear

Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgears

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Innovative Bella Loops make the Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgears by ResMed an excellent alternative to the original Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask. Packaged with an updated version of the soft silicone Swift FX headgear and the breakthrough ear loops plus three sizes of nasal pillows, the Bella has options other systems cannot match. Select Pink or Gray headgear.

Manufactured by ResMed.
30% of Nasal Pillow product buyers choose this product.

$128.00 (Savings: $9.00)
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This Product Includes...

  • Mask
  • Swift FX Bella Straps - Around the Ear
  • Swift FX Bella Headgear - Around the Head
  • Pillows in Selected Sizes
  • Soft Wrap for Bella Headgear - Around the Head
  • Soft Sleeves for Bella Straps -Around the Ears
  • swift fx

Product Specifications

Short Tube Length - Excluding Swivel and Cuffs: Approx. 13.25 in

Width of Bella Loop Strap: Approx. 1/2 in

Material Components for Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgears

  • Nasal Pillow: Silicone Elastomer

  • Headgear: Silicone Elastomer

  • Back Strap: Nylon / Spandex; Open cell Polyurethane

  • Bella Headgear Strap: Silicone Elastomer

  • Bella Headgear Buckle: Silicone Elastomer

  • Bella Headgear Soft Sleeve: Nylon / Elastane

  • Elbow Swivel: Polycarbonate

  • Elbow: Polypropylene

  • Short Tube: Thermoplastic Polyester Elsatomer (TPE)

  • Swivel Assembly: Polypropylene; Polycarbonate

  • Soft Wraps: Nylon /Lycra

Product Comparison

Swift FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgears

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Swift FX

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GoLife For Men Version 2

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Basic Features
Mask Type
This describes the type of mask, either: nasal, full face, nasal pillow, nasal prong, hybrid, oral, or total face.
Nasal PillowNasal PillowNasal
Headgear Included
This filter indicates if the mask comes with headgear included.
Yes YesYes
Mask Features
Replaceable Cushion
These masks offer replaceable cushions, pillows, or prongs. These unique CPAP Masks offer replaceable cushions as a low cost solution to keep your mask feeling and working like new.
Headgear Quick-Clips
Tired of adjusting your headgear every time you take your mask off during the night? Quick-Clips allow users to easily remove and replace the mask on your face without re-adjusting the headgear straps.
Gel Cushion
These masks come with a silicone-based gel cushion.
Forehead Support
Some masks come with a forehead support as part of the mask design. Masks marked "yes" contain a forehead support, while masks marked "no" do not contain a forehead support.
Mask Cushion Type
This describes the type of mask cushion for the mask. These values are either cloth, foam, gel, or silicone. The foam and gel are usually both silicone based materials. The masks that are marked as "silicone" are without gel or foam.
Free Return Insurance
This insurance allows returns on items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the product's purchase price
Sizing Needs
Multiple Sizes Included
Indicates which masks come packaged with more than one cushion, pillow or prong. Masks can come packaged with ALL Sizes or a combination of sizes as a Fit Pack. This is ideal for users who have not tried the mask before and do not know the right size to select.
Small Face
This property identifies masks that are ideal for small facial features. Any mask with a size petite or extra small will be marked 'Yes'. Nasal Pillow masks are ideal because they accommodate the size of the 'nare' or nasal openings, not the face.
Wide Face
The value will be marked 'Yes' for CPAP masks with interfaces that are unique to CPAP users with wide facial features. Masks with 'Wide' cushion sizes would fall under this category. Nasal pillow and prong masks are ideal for wide faces because the seal occurs around the nare, not the face.
Lifestyle Needs
Active Sleeper
Do you move around a lot when you sleep? These masks are ideal for users who either sleep on their side or stomach or restless sleepers who toss and turn. There are a few specialized cushions that address this issue as well as most Nasal Pillow and Prong CPAP masks.
Mouth Breather
These masks are designed to prevent mouth leaks. If you are opening your mouth during the night, airflow escapes and reduces therapy effectiveness. Users who are experiencing a dry mouth, sore throat, or sinus congestion may require a mask that seals around the mouth.
TV Friendly
TV Friendly CPAP masks have interfaces that avoid obstructing your vision so you can read or watch TV before going to bed. Any mask designed without a forehead piece will fall under this property.
These masks have the least amount of material around the face, fewer headgear points, and offers more freedom when you sleep. Most Nasal Pillow and Nasal Prong masks are ideal for claustrophobic users.
Designed For Her
These masks were designed specifically for women to accommodate smaller facial features and lifestyle needs.
Facial Hair
These CPAP masks have interfaces that accommodate a wide variety of facial hair styles. Gel cushions and foam inserts provide support and comfort for users who may need to over-tighten headgear straps to help seal around facial hair. Silicone gel also helps create a fluid seal over the hair.
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