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  • resmed ultra mirage II nasal cpap mask frame front

Ultra Mirage™ II Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

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The Ultra Mirage II combines the best features of the Ultra Mirage mask and other popular ResMed nasal masks, offering a unique combination of comfort, convenience, quietness, and effectiveness.

Manufactured by ResMed.
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CPAP Product Customer Reviews

Voted most helpful favorable review

Ultra Mirage 2

James P, PA – February 19, 2009

"I ordered this mask at the end of December but am not submitting a rating till now as I wanted to see how it worked over a couple of months. My primary mask prior to this was a F&P 407 (flex fit) so my comparison is with this mask. The flex fit has a two part sealing system with foam and then silicon parts that I found lasted about 3-4 months before they developed cracks or holes and had to be replaced. The UM2 uses a one part cushion to seal around the nose--a welcome change. The only thing I do not like about the UM2 cushion is the cushion clip seems rather brittle (but I have not broken it in two months of usage so who am I to complain) and could have been made more sturdy. The headgear is the best I have ever used. I have used after-market cloth strap covers to keep from getting "strap face" the next morning. With the UM2 I don't have this problem, it is the most comfortable headgear that I have ever used. The headgear clips are also very easy to use...only thing I don't like is it does not have a swivel mechanism on it so that if you clip it on with the strap turned on itself you can not straighten the strap out (you must detach, straighten the strap out and then reclip). This is a minor complaint as in return I feel that the clip will not have to be constantly replaced as I have read reviewers of the Comfort Gel mask having problems with this. The only other problem (another minor problem--but full disclosure is a good thing) is the forehead support--perhaps I have it too tight but I like a good seal, --I usually wake up with an indentation in my forehead from the support in my forehead that takes about 2-3 hours to go away.

Ok now I have compliance data from my encore-viewer software. I use a pressure setting of 11.
With the F@P flex fit hc407: avg time apnea per day 12 sec., avg. time in lg leak per day 39 sec., avg ahi 0.7. With the Ultra Mirage 2: avg time apnea per day 2 sec., avg. time in lg leak per day 0 sec., avg ahi 0.5.

I am very demanding of what I consider good sleep (I never sleep without my cpap, and always have 100% compliance). The Ultra Mirage 2 helps me sleep better with less problems...there are a few minor annoyances but on the whole I am very pleased."

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Voted most helpful critical review

Ultra Mirage II

John H, OH – May 20, 2009

"Had high hopes based on reviews and the amount of people that had purchased this mask. It was comfortable and the construcion solid. The downfall was the exhaust port. It is extremely noisy and it blows on you in whatever direction the elbow faces. Tried it for three nights and struggled each night not knowing if the mask was leaking or just blowing exhaust on me. Woke up each morning with dry eyes or lips, depending on the direction of the elbow. Also the amount of air that blows through the exhaust is excessive. My cpap pressure felt much lower than normal due to this. Had the insurance and sent it back. Originally wanted to purchase the Mirage Activa LT mask but the on line sizing tool said it was not a good fit. I checked Resmeds website and according to Resmed the sizing is the same for these two masks. I just ordered the Activa LT, this has a redesigned exhaust port -we will see what happens."

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Ultra Mirage II Nasal CPAP w/Headgear

Tom W, WA – March 04, 2015

"Not the best, not the worst. It worked great when I would start out on my back sleeping. I could not get this to seal on the bottom when I would sleep on my side. But...... I have a beard too."

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Kevin P, IL – February 25, 2015

"It is working fine."

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Great product

James H, OK – February 19, 2015

"Works great. Met my expectations"

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