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EncoreViewer v1.0 Software for Respironics M Series and REMstar Machines

Print and view your sleep therapy data using EncoreViewer Software!

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

Item #1047351

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: EncoreViewer 2.0 Software for Respironics Machines.

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Important Tips

64 Bit System Warning

The EncoreViewer v1.0 Software and the associated Encore Smart Card Reader USB for the Respironics and REMstar CPAP machines are not compatible with any 64-bit Operating System, e.g. Windows XP, VISTA, or Windows 7.

Most Windows XP systems are 32 bit and will work. Windows XP 64 bit systems will not work.

Instructions for Installing EncoreViewer

Please read the following instructions to avoid receiving the error message "Version 1.3 or higher is needed".

First time installation requires that you load the Software CD before attaching the Smart Card Reader. Once the disc labeled "EncoreViewer Software for Windows" is installed, attach the Card Reader. The hardware will install without a CD if your computer already has drivers loaded. If the computer asks to load drivers, use the disc labeled SmartCard Reader/Writer "Installation wizard for the software drivers. For Windows OS".

We do not offer technical support or interpretation assistance with this software. Please consult your physician or clinician for interpretation assistance.

*This package does not include a Smart Card.

You are able to print reports using EncoreViewer.
However, data reports cannot be exported to a file.

EncoreViewer is a much smaller program than Encore Pro. It provides the same detailed data as Encore Pro, but is only about 40 MB in size and does not require installation of Microsoft SQL Database Server. Installation is much simpler and less cumbersome than Encore Pro.

The EncoreViewer software will not delete or alter data on the Encore Pro Smart Card.

Here are links to information that may be helpful in using this EncoreViewer Software 1.0:

Encore Pro Smart Card

Respironics Smart Card Reader - USB

Bundle that includes EncoreViewer Software and the Respironics Smart Card Reader - USB

Encore Viewer 1.0 works with all Respironics REMstar and M Series machines.