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EncoreViewer v1.0 Software for Respironics M Series and REMstar Machines

Print and view your sleep therapy data using EncoreViewer Software!

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

Item #1047351

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: EncoreViewer 2.0 Software for Respironics Machines.

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CPAP Product Customer Reviews

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Fairly easy to interpret

David M, AZ – June 26, 2008

"If you are using an auto-titrating Respironics machine, this software takes a lot of guesswork out of adjusting the settings. But you need to have some basic understanding of sleep studies and sleep physiology, or you might misinterpret the data. (It's not that complicated, and the information is likely available on the net). I am a physician, so I do have this knowledge, but keep this in mind when you read this review.

Aside from giving usage statistics (for compliance monitoring), it presents the data in an easy to figure out graph that allows you to fine-tune your settings eg minimum and maximum pressures for the auto titration.

For example, in the first few days of use I determined the minimum pressure needed was at least 8cm as this was the level above which the Vibratory Snore events decreased. Over several days, I settled on 9cm, and am presently adjusting the A-flex setting downwards to further reduce snoring without increasing the minimum pressure (the Snore occurs on expiration, so limiting the drop in pressure that occurs with A-flex will further reduce the snore).

I am also able to analyze the frequency of mask leaks, which has aided in setting the maximum pressures (major leaks have only occurred above 18cm with my nasal pillows). I also anticipate being able to judge the effectiveness of various setups (with/without chin strap, different masks etc).

Keep in mind you should be using recommended pressures from a sleep study if available, but I haven't undergone a formal sleep study.

The limitations of the software are mainly the lack of certain types of data available in a sleep study, eg rem vs non-rem phases of sleep, positioning, oxygen desaturation, arousals vs non-arousals, which would be helpful in analyzing some of the data (eg early in the morning I get more frequent episodes of apnea, which I suspect is during rem sleep but without this information it's hard to determine if any adjustments can be made-looking at the data the graphs suggest events increase above a certain pressure, but I'm not certain this is truly the case).

Another limitation is that it won't allow you to delete the data on the smart card. I will worry about this in six months from now, when the card fills up.

(Another possible issue relates to the machine's readings-how accurate is the data, is it sensed in the same way as the sleep study machines detect events, or by using some other approximation? I assume it's flow based sensors but aside from this, none of the manufacturers publish specs such as sensitivity, error etc. This is an inherent limitation to any auto-titrating machine.)

I you like to tinker, you can do your own split studies- set your machine for 4cm for the first 3-4 hours, then auto titrate for the rest. You can even analyze your spouse for sleep apnea! (Disclaimer: don't do this yourself unless you're a certified sleep specialist, yada, yada)"

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Voted most helpful critical review

Incompatible Software

Phil H, Carnation, WA – November 07, 2009

"The EncoreViewer v1.0 Software and the associated Encore Smart Card Reader USB for the Respironics and REMstar CPAP machines are not compatible with any 64-bit Operating System, e.g. Windows XP, VISTA, or Windows 7. I contacted Respironics and they told me that they have no plans to offer a 64-bit compatible version of this product. I informed them that most Windows-based PCs sold today are 64-bit machines, and that without support for 64-bit OS's, their product is dead-end. They suggested I look for an older machine! This is not what I would have expected. I will say that their CPAP machine (M Series Pro) is, however, very good."

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No windows 7 Support

Justin B, CA – November 13, 2010

"Like the title suggests, there's no windows 7 support or vista for that matter."

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Virul R, MI – April 04, 2010

"good software."

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Wrong software

New Mexico – March 17, 2010

"This EncoreViewer software version, 1.0, does not work for the REM Auto A-Flex System one CPAP machines. The applicable software for this machine is EncoreAnywhere Version The Encore Pro 2 software may also work."

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