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PR System One REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with C-Flex Plus

Respironics introduces "System One" and C-Flex Plus through a new line of CPAP machines. The PR Pro CPAP machine is an intelligent solution that provides the highest level of comfort. New System One technologies like Humidity Control with Dry Box and Resistance Control for use with any mask, all are helping users achieve effective therapy.

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

Item #DS450S

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: PR System One REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with AutoIQ.
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Complex, Compact, Rugged

Paul F, TX – August 08, 2010

"I have a previous model of the CFLEX Pro CPAP, so I'm used to the cyclic breathing pattern, getting exhalation relief of pressure. Many folks may find this breathing pattern much more natural and comfortable than getting a solid blast of high pressure all of the time. The CFLEX+ settings that I can personalize are helpful. The default setting of CFLEX+ Level 2 was too much pressure reduction for me, making a suction instead of relief. Level 3 was much worse, causing me to stop breathing. I found that Level 1 was closest to the original CFLEX pattern, without causing as much of a pressure reduction problem for me. Apparently, the CFLEX is a two speed system and the CFLEX+ is a three speed system. If you are used to breathing with the CFLEX pattern (2 speeds), and it works for you, stay with it. If you can adapt to the CFLEX+ (3 speed) pattern, take advantage of the three available levels to adjust the CPAP to your needs. As for the actual device itself, I found that it's more compact, leaving the power supply as a separate external unit, and the CPAP is rugged, made for a household environment. Take the time to review the directions and understand the capabilities of this device. That's how I learned how to make adjustments to meet my personal needs without asking for tech support."

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PR System One REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with C-Flex Plus

Charles S, TX – November 27, 2010

"I disabled the C-Flex Plus feature, as it proved to be too distracting while trying to fall asleep. Even with this feature disabled, the CPAP doesn't seem to provide a steady flow of air. It seems as though there are minor fluctuations in air flow, which is still distracting, but at lease I can now fall asleep.

I would not purchase this product again."

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Much Better Than Previous Model

Chris S – May 08, 2012

"I purchased this new PR System One CPAP machine to replace the previous old model I have had for several years...the REMstar Pro with C-flex. This new machine is much better than my old one. It is smaller, lighter, easier to operate, and has many more features than the previous model. The C-flex+ may take some getting used to as it is a bit different than plain C-flex, but I find that I now prefer it as it does seem to make my breathing easier. The SD card is a great improvement over the old cardboard data storage cards and stores a huge amount of data. It is also easier to access the data as it can be read by any SD reader. The new Performance Tubing that comes with this machine is also better than the old tubing. It is lighter and does not pull on the mask during sleep as much as the old heavier tubing did. I connect two of these 6-foot long tubes together into one 12-foot long piece so I can keep my CPAP machine on a small stool at the foot of my bed. The machine is so quiet I can barely hear it from there. The Heated Humidifier works exactly as advertised and has several different heat settings to choose from so I don't have to keep the heat in my house turned up as high during the night to keep the air from freezing my nose. The humidifier also automatically reads the amount of humidity in the room and adjusts its output accordingly. There is virtually no rain-out in my mask or tubing. Overall, and excellent CPAP machine at a very reasonable price. 5-stars+++"

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Johnny C, KS – May 06, 2012

"Excellent Machine and is very user friendly. This machine exceeds my expections and does a good job on their follow up to see if you have any question or need help."

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What a miracle

April K, WA – April 04, 2012

"Small, quiet and wonderful--it's great to get a good night's sleep again after several weeks of a gradually fading CPAP!"

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