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REMstar Auto C-Flex CPAP Machine

The REMstar Auto with C-Flex is is an auto-adjusting CPAP machine which is set for a range of pressures, then seeks out and delivers the lowest level of pressure needed to keep the airway open. With C-Flex technology, not only with the pressure level vary as needed, but it will drop with each exhalation.

The auto-adjusting CPAPs were designed for patients who are unable to participate in a sleep study or whose pressure needs vary during the night according to their stage of sleep or sleep position. However, any patient will receive very comfortable therapy from this type of CPAP.

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

Item #1017453

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only. Newer Model Available: M Series Auto CPAP with A-Flex.
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Product Features

C-Flex vs. Traditional CPAP: Brown University Study

Respironics has added their easy breathing CFLEX technology to the REMstar Auto. Now you can have both the comfort of auto-titrating pressure with the comfort of easy exhalation, all in one CPAP.

The Respironics REMstar Auto CPAP includes the following features:
  • Automatically adjusts pressure based on air-flow limitations from snoring, hypopnea or apnea events.
  • C-Flex technology offers a more comfortable way to deliver sleep therapy by giving pressure relief at exhalation. The amount the pressure is lowered is determined by one of three settings that you can adjust to your comfort.
  • Encore Pro SmartCard compatibility records compliance and session data.
  • Operates in Auto or CPAP mode.
  • Automatic start and stop operation.
  • Mask leak alert.
  • Automatic altitude compensation adjustment.
  • International power supply to operate on any AC current from 110 to 240 without adjustment to the machine. (An adapter may be needed to plug the CPAP into a wall outlet outside the US.)
  • Direct DC operation without the need for a DC/AC inverter, just a cable and adapter which are sold separately.
  • Two washable, reusable pollen filters are included, as well as one optional ultra-fine filter.
  • Two year manufacturer warranty against defects.