Co-Founder & CEO: Johnny Goodman |
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Co-Founder & CEO: Johnny Goodman |

    CEO Johnny Goodman CEO: Johnny Goodman

    Johnny Goodman

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Johnny Goodman is the co-founder and CEO of, a cash marketplace which gives people an alternative to insurance and a better way to treat Sleep Apnea. After co-founding, Johnny founded, a forum where people where people using CPAPs can tap into a peer group to improve treatment comfort and effectiveness. He is also pioneering the build out for two newly acquired domains, and, which will help provide additional information and resources for those with various sleep conditions and concerns. Johnny is a member and service provider of the Free Market Medical Association, a diverse collection of doctors and professionals in the medical field who believe a free market can improve healthcare and increase its accessibility. Johnny is an active member of the Vistage CEO network, a professional organization which aims to improve business operations and success. Johnny is also a part of the mentorship program through the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, which helps foster college students interested in entrepreneurship. Johnny is a member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of '04 and a Tae Kwon Do probational first-degree black belt. He lives in Houston with his wife and son.

    For more information on Johnny Goodman please visit his informal employee profile, which includes a collection of his favorite quotes from employees over the years, along with his favorite hobbies and websites he enjoys visiting in his free time.

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