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    Name: Andrew


    Search Engine Marketing Analyst

    That's a fancy way of saying I look at data. That is a bit simplistic but I probably

    explore and investigate analytics more than Darryl Morey.

    I'm a big sports guy (not physically) and would love to debate

    whether the Golden State Warriors could have beat the 90's Bulls.

    I like to think I'm a big foodie guy, right up until the time I have to order,

    then I find myself going for the same ol' Cajun Pasta.

    When I'm not pouring over stats you can find me either travelling with

    friends and family in some backwoods,

    off the grid camping trip or watching some of my favorite movies and analyzing their merits.

    Advice to the would-be camper, always zip lock your extra pairs of socks. You can thank me later.

    Words of advice from Jurassic Park, "Life, finds a way." - Dr. Ian Malcolm

    Words of advice to a friend, "Miami is 10x more pricey and only 1.5x more fun than Cancun, scientific fact" - Anonymous Friend


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