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    Name: Bryan


    What I do:

    I work to optimize’s website in order to keep up with changes of modern Search Engine and Search Marketing platforms. In simple terms, this means I make sure is easy to find on the web!. I’ll often collaborate cross-functionally with eCommerce infrastructure, architecture, content production, and web validation teams to establish favorable protocols through marketing-technology best practices. 

    About me:

    After studying microbiology at the University of Florida, I started my own IT support business. I transitioned into digital marketing in 2009 due to client demand and began to deep-dive into affiliate marketing, PPC and SEO. Prior to joining, I was the SEO product owner for

    I’m into science fiction audiobooks and meditation. To balance the technology addiction, I enjoy training for half-marathons and kayaking. I also love connecting with friends, traveling with my wife, mentoring digital nomads, volunteering my time on interesting projects and spoiling my dachshund, Herman.


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