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New ResMed Mask Series: AirFit™ 20 Mask

Great news! ResMed introduced two new mask additions to the AirFit ™ family named the AirFit ™ N20 and the AirFit ™ F20. The letter “N” stands for nasal and the letter “F” stands for full face.

The most anticipated features include:
• Accommodating design that works with a broad range of air pressures.
• Adaptive InfinitySeal™ cushion for a comfortable fit.
• A soft, flexible frame that adapts to varying facial features.

Additionally, you should take note of:
• The plush headgear for soft contact points to the face.
• The quick-release elbow for the mask tubing to make detaching a cinch.
• The magnetic clips between the mask and headgear to help eliminate readjustments.

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AirFit ™ F20 and AirFit ™ F20 for Her Full Face Masks

Around 23% of users preferred a Full face masks in the last three months. This mask type tends to work well with users who have facial hair. Plus, if you breathe through your mouth, especially due to a deviated septum, chronic sinus issues or allergies, you should consider buying the AirFit ™ F20. The For Her version is also available.

AirFit ™ N20 and AirFit ™ N20 for Her Nasal Masks

Roughly 48% of users have chosen a nasal mask in the last three months. This type of mask tends to work well for users with smaller features. If you breathe through your mouth, you can pair this mask with a chinstrap. Check out the AirFit ™ N20 or For Her.

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  1. Love the fit and design. Lite weight headgear and non restrictive in any position. The headgear is so light compared to others I have used and well made. The only problem I am experiencing is in Wisconsin on a cold evening I use a heated hose to eliminate condensation in the mask itself due too the humidity setting I need and the cooler bedroom that we sleep in at night. This mask has a length of hose that separates the mask from my heated hose. It is long enough that it allows the cold to get condensation to the mask. I wish that you could just allow my heated hose to connect directly to the elbow coming out of the mask instead like it does on my other Mirage FX Mask. I will need to see if I can deal with it for now or not. Unfortunately I am unable to leave a review of this mask in hopes that the manufacturer might take notice, because it is the best mask yet I have used other than for the condensation problem unique to my situation.

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