Sleep Apnea Research

Sleep Apnea in Children: Recognizing the Symptoms and Getting Your Child Treatment

Article Summary The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that 1% to 4% of children may have Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea in kids can also contribute to hyperactivity and attention issues, and leads to more serious medical complications. Symptoms of Sleep Apnea in children can be as innocent as snoring, and can be caused by many…

CPAP Therapy Tips

Quiet CPAP Machines for Quiet CPAP Therapy

Your CPAP machine is supposed to help you get a good night of rest, but if it’s too loud it can interfere with your sleep and your partner’s sleep. Although the sound of a machine can seem a bit different to everyone, choosing one of the quietest CPAP machines can help you enjoy quiet CPAP therapy. Discover the quietest options on the market, as well as some helpful tips for keeping your machine operating as quietly as possible.

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