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Things That Matter at CPAP.com

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Table of Contents

It was an early Spring morning when I arrived at a sparse, 1970’s style building for my third and final interview with CPAP.com. The sky was grey and the humid air was near rainout status. As I approached the entry, a black cat eyed me curiously. She didn’t so much as flinch as I nearly tripped over a second ball of fur sprawled out in the middle of the walkway. It was an ominous morning, and I hadn’t even gotten inside the building.

The Last Interview

As I opened the door, my head was brimming with information and ideas about Sleep Apnea. This was notable because two weeks prior I hadn’t known a thing about CPAP therapy, other than the fact it had made a tremendous difference in my own father’s life. I’ve always been conscientious, but what had really propelled my research was the comprehensive pre-work assignment I’d been ask to complete before I was even considered for an in house interview.

That day I would end up going through multiple rounds of questioning, have my work scrutinized and be stared down by some of the smartest people I may ever get the opportunity to work amongst. Even having been raised by two (blunt) New Yorkers, the interview was intimidating. Enjoyable in a painful way, the process made it apparent this was a team who’d built a company they loved and wanted to do good things with.

Things that Matter at CPAP.com

“We are a financially conservative operation, we like to put our money into things that matter.” Johnny Goodman, our General Manager said as he looked around the modest office space. “We aren’t granite counter tops and shiny wood.” He rapped on the desk, and gave me what we now refer to as his ‘interview face’.

There was a long pause.

“How do you feel about that?” he asked. Every question seemed crafted to put me on the spot, and he was shooting bull’s eyes. My response wasn’t altruistic, but it was honest, and in a way metaphoric, “I just need a good computer.”

Good Work, Happy CPAP Customers

Flash forward a few years later, and here I sit, happily typing away on the “AirSense 10” of computers. Throughout my time here, I have learned exactly what goes into “those things that matter”. It comes in many forms, most noticeably in the pleasant din of our customer service reps, but also in the day to day efforts of each department: the warehouse crew buzzing around to get orders out quickly, IT proudly explaining how they just blocked a SPAM attack or our CEO smiling as he lets us know ResMed just dropped their suggested retail prices. You might even find someone on the marketing team drawing on the box of an outgoing order because someone asked it come with an octopus on the box.

Octopus wearing a CPAP Mask

Coming Full Circle, Sans the Cats

In this time I’ve also sat through dozens of interviews like the one I described above, used my own ‘interview face’ and watched as our company grew into a small army of intelligent, kind and quick witted individuals, all who are enthusiastic about keeping CPAP.com more than just a place to buy equipment. Eventually we outgrew the old building, said good bye to Emmy and Oscar (the two cats who greeted us each morning). And, while I somehow managed to get a few walls painted electric green, our primary focus continued to remain on “those things that matter” – the driving force behind the move being the need for a larger warehouse, something that would allow us to hold more inventory and ship more quickly.

Sizing CPAP Masks, Nasal & Full Face

And today, I am happy to introduce another thing that matters, our CPAP.com Blog. It is here I hope you will not only find comfort in answers, but also get to know the faces that have so carefully been selected to work for CPAP.com.

And you better believe there will also be a lot of cats.

Cats at the CPAP.com Offices

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Table of Contents

4 thoughts on “Things That Matter at CPAP.com”

  1. Steve,

    We do hear from CPAP users that this occurs sometimes. It can be a sign that your machine pressure is too high, I’d encourage you to speak with your physician.

    If this is the issue, consider an APAP for your next machine if you are currently using a CPAP. This type of machine is available with a CPAP prescription, but delivers your pressure within a range, giving you only what you need to keep your airways open.

    If you have any questions, feel free to call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-356-5221

  2. If when I got my mask and the clinic had a setting for my pressure but I thought it should have been higher and made it so–was that a bad thing?

  3. Sharon,

    It’s always good to consult with a health professional before making adjustments to your machine.

    That being said, if you use an APAP the machine can be set within a range of pressures and will actually deliver the minimum pressure needed to keep your airway open – this provides more comfortable and effective therapy.

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