Traveling with your CPAP Equipment

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Roaming this Holiday?

It might be tempting to leave your CPAP by your bedside, but think about how much better your trip will be if you’re well rested (especially if you will be dealing with in-laws). Traveling with your CPAP equipment can be a hassle, but we’ve got a few suggestions to make your trip go as smoothly as possible:

1. Snag a light, travel friendly CPAP. While purchasing a new machine is always an investment, the newer machines offer portability. If you’re in the market, consider the Transcend line of machines. With advanced features, they are not only light and compact, but also smart.

SleepPhones 2. Pack some SleepPhones. Drown out restless pets and crying babies with these soft headphones designed to be slept in. Plug the SleepPhones into any device with a headphone jack and enjoy your favorite music or relaxation tracks.

3. Change your filters. Breathing in dust is gross, but breathing in someone else’s dust is worse. Get your machine ready to repel with new filters. If you are feeling extra conscientious, add a bacteria filter for added protection.

4. Stay powered up. If you are traveling by plane, check ahead of time to see what power options are available. Nearly every machine on’s site has an alternative power option available. Try the machine part finder to figure out exactly what you need.

Before You Go…

As you head out, it’s important to remember to lock your windows and doors, close your garage and turn off the heat. Also consider using this CPAP travel checklist:

1. Pack your power supply and extension cord or a battery in case there’s no power outlet near the bedside table.

2. Empty your humidifier chamber and pack it separately from your machine to keep moisture out of your CPAP.

3. Check ahead of time to make sure distilled water is available for your humidifier at your destination.

4. Store your machine in your carry-on to avoid possible damage in transit. Use a Luggage Tag so TSA can identify your equipment more quickly.

5. If you hang your mask on your headboard, don’t forget to pack it!

If you do forget something, call us up at 1-800-356-5221. You won’t be the first person to ask us to overnight something to your hotel. Happy trails!

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Table of Contents

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