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Untreated Sleep Apnea Affects More Than Just You

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Table of Contents

There’s this kid who slept in his bedroom behind a door plugged with blankets, a cassette player with light music in the background, and a pillow wrapped around his head.

That kid was me.

My father had the world’s most deafening snore known to mankind. His bedroom was on the opposite side of our home and even with the makeshift sound proofs, it just wasn’t enough.

A Parent’s Secret, Untreated Sleep Apnea

Months into working at CPAP.com, my mom revealed she and my father had sleep tests over a decade ago and were both diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Well, like most, they were stubborn to do anything about it. Years of untreated Sleep Apnea later, both of my parents struggle with health issues that may have been remedied with CPAP therapy.

My mother’s assumption behind symptoms of Sleep Apnea was none other than the most obvious, snoring. But, it’s important to note women experience different symptoms than men. My mother woke up with headaches, which actually is the most common sign among women.

I’ve tried reasoning with her multiple times. All she can imagine is a brick that sits on her beautifully decorated bedside table and a large piece of plastic covering her entire face while an excessive amount of air blows up her nose. Well, to that I say…it’s 2014! Lots of things have changed!

Mom’s Concern: The presentation of her home wouldn’t be as fashionable.
My Suggestion: Get one of the Transcend CPAPs. This machine is tiny and can be easily stored in a bedside table and it’s packed full off advanced technology.

Mom’s Concern: Sleeping with something weighing down her face.
My Suggestion: All of the masks from the AirFit line have minimal contact points. These masks are so lightweight, it’s barely noticeable when wearing.

Mom’s Concern: The tubing is ugly.
My Suggestion: Try adding a SnuggleHose cover over the CPAP tubing. (Yup, my mother is always trying to “pretty things up”.)

Mom’s Concern: CPAP isn’t convenient.
My Suggestion: Try the EZ Talk Connector. This tiny attachment would allow you to talk, yawn, or cough without removing your mask.

In the end, all I want for both of my parents is for them to be happy and healthy. I haven’t quite won them over, but I will keep up the fight until they both decide to take action!
Parents with untreated sleep apnea
Do you have a stubborn loved one who is fighting the treatment of Sleep Apnea? Share in the comments section how you have encouraged them.

Table of Contents

5 thoughts on “Untreated Sleep Apnea Affects More Than Just You”

  1. I love the description of your bedroom my kids did the same. I frequently heard Mom make Dad stop. I tried all kinds of different things and he would never try a cpap. Until one day I left a DVD of Sleep Apnea and your heart in player and he watched it. It worked and he finally got on cpap. The world is a quieter place.

  2. I never could understand why I, the insomniac, whose bedroom was on the other side of the house, would be awakened by my father’s terrible, loud, snoring. I would listen, when he stopped, because I was sure he had stopped breathing. I got up several times to check on him, to make sure he’d started sleeping. Meanwhile, my mother slept beside him,used to his snoring after 50 years, never awakened. I wonder if his naps, after dinner, were because he was tired from work, or just tired from sleep apnea. He’s died from Cancer, a very quick death in his sleep, at 78, but I wonder what his life would have been like if one of us had known about Sleep Apnea. Now I know because I have it. Funny, how the world just goes ’round and ’round.

  3. Hey there, You’ve performed a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and in my opinion recommend to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  4. Well I’ve talked to my dad this past weekend and my mom called and asked if I had sent stuff in the mail for them. I had not, but it seems like my dad is going to try to convince my mom to go through this process with him!

    @Debby – yes, it may sound like an exaggeration, but I think everyone that has been through it knows it is not an exaggeration.

    @Kathleen- I bet he was tired during the day since he never got great sleep at night. I’m sorry to hear he’s since passed. I’m glad you’re aware of your Sleep Apnea and I hope you’re taking great care of it!

    @Zoosk- Thanks for the compliment! I hope people find our blog useful.

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