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CPAP Accessories: Comfort & Cleaning |

    Comfort & Cleaning

    It's very important to keep up with regular cleaning for your CPAP mask and machine to disinfect and help ward off germs. We make that easy with helpful cleaning products, as you start or continue on your CPAP journey.

    Common Comfort & Cleaning Questions

    How Do I Make CPAP More Comfortable?

    Let's face it, getting used to the new routine of wearing a CPAP mask and using a CPAP machine can be challenging. So can you make your CPAP experience more comfortable? There are lots of things you can do right away to improve your CPAP experience. It starts with CPAP accessories. What are CPAP accessories? They are products designed to do one thing: increase user comfort and overall satisfaction with using a CPAP machine.

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    What CPAP Accessories Do You Need?

    After getting your mask and machine, you still need to get a CPAP-safe cleaner (using bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your machine can be toxic). You may also need to get a CPAP hose holder to keep from getting tangled with your CPAP hose. Here's a list of some common CPAP Comfort Accessories you may need to make your CPAP experience more enjoyable:

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    CPAP Pillows: What is a CPAP Pillow? Why Would I Need One?

    Is your CPAP mask incompatible with how you prefer to sleep? Do you sleep on your stomach at night and find that sometimes you shift, causing mask leaks? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then a CPAP pillow may be just what you need. It's designed to comfortably accommodate the hose and mask. A CPAP pillow does a great job helping side and stomach sleepers. It makes it possible to sleep in the position you like the most without giving up your CPAP therapy. They cost about as much as a high-quality pillow from a home decor store and are of great help to anyone who needs a little extra help keeping the airway open and their mask sealed.

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    CPAP Mask Liners: What Are They?

    Mask liners are pads that wrap around the CPAP cushion to help reduce skin irritation and help prevent mask leaks. Customers with beards may find a mask liner helps seal around beards and mustaches, and they're quite popular among CPAP users. Mask liners have one other benefit that most users find very helpful: mask liners absorb sweat and other oils and prevent them from sticking to the cushion. Facial oils can cause the mask to slip and can cause the cushion to degrade over time. In terms of CPAP accessories, we find that mask liners are among the most popular. Mask liners are also soft and help reduce the irritation some experience from a mask's cushion rubbing the face.

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    CPAP Aromatherapy: What is it?

    Do you use scented oils at home? Perhaps you have a diffuser or certain scents that you find calming or relaxing? If so, CPAP aromatherapy might be for you! Contrary to what you may think, essential oils for CPAP users works by installing a special filter. You would then put the essential oils for CPAP on the filter, and use that instead of putting essential oils in the humidifier chamber. When the machine runs, the air passes through the filter and you'll immediately notice your favorite scent. You should NEVER put scented oils in the humidifier chamber, as this can damage the machine.

    Aromatherapy for CPAP is one of the most popular CPAP accessories on the market today and it's easy to see why. Essential oils have recently grown in popularity, and many CPAP customers are finding CPAP aromatherapy to be a great addition to their nightly routine.

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    CPAP Hose Holders: What Are They?

    CPAP hose holders are one of the most popular CPAP accessories sold at A hose holder is installed near the bed and extends up into the air above where you sleep. The hose dangles down from a hook on the hose holder. By feeding the hose to you in this fashion, the hose holder is making it almost impossible to get tangled in the hose while you sleep. This is great news for active sleepers.

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