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    Compare CPAP Masks

    ComfortGel Blue ComfortGel Blue
    SALE $33.00 Add to Cart Add to Cart
    AirFit™ N20 AirFit™ N20
    SALE $98.00 Add to Cart Add to Cart
    DreamWear Nasal-Fit Pack DreamWear Nasal-Fit Pack
    $109.00 Add to Cart Add to Cart
    Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask
    SALE $109.00 Add to Cart Add to Cart
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    Basic Features
    ? Mask Type
    ? Mask Type Nasal Nasal Nasal Nasal
    ? Headgear Included
    ? Headgear Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Mask Features
    ? Replaceable Cushion
    ? Replaceable Cushion Yes Yes Yes Yes
    ? Headgear Quick-Clips
    ? Headgear Quick-Clips Yes Yes No No
    ? Gel Cushion
    ? Gel Cushion Yes No No No
    ? Forehead Support
    ? Forehead Support Yes No No Yes
    ? Mask Cushion Type
    ? Mask Cushion Type Gel Silicone Silicone Silicone
    ? Free Return Insurance
    ? Free Return Insurance Yes Yes Yes Yes
    ? Multiple Sizes Included
    ? Multiple Sizes Included No No Yes No
    ? Small Face
    ? Small Face Yes No No No
    ? Wide Face
    ? Wide Face No No Yes Yes
    Lifestyle Needs
    ? Active Sleeper
    ? Active Sleeper No Yes Yes No
    ? Mouth Breather
    ? Mouth Breather No No No No
    ? TV Friendly
    ? TV Friendly No Yes Yes No
    ? Claustrophobic
    ? Claustrophobic No Yes Yes No
    ? Designed For Her
    ? Designed For Her No No No No
    ? Facial Hair
    ? Facial Hair Yes No Yes No
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