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Nasal Prong CPAP Masks FAQ |

    Nasal Prong CPAP Masks

    Nasal Prong Mask Overview

    The nasal Prong CPAP mask seals and delivers air inside the nares or nasal openings of your nose. It is held in place by headgear that is worn on the crown of the head. This style of CPAP mask is nonrestrictive and lightweight. However, some users have been known to experience irritated nares after wearing the nasal prong mask. If you experiment with this style of mask, be sure to have a reliable back up you can switch to if irritation occurs.

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    Nasal Prong FAQs

      Why might I prefer a nasal prong device?
    Nasal prong masks are similar to nasal pillow masks, however the prong will rest deeper inside the nostril and inflate slightly against the walls of the nostril to seal with pressure. This is different from a nasal pillow mask which creates a seal by resting against the nostril opening.

    The use of heated humidification is highly recommended to prevent dryness which may occur when using a nasal prong or nasal pillow device.

    Did You Know?, Nasal Prong

    • Nasal prongs should be cleaned each morning after use and allowed to air dry.
    • If your mask is leaking, it might not necessarily be time for a new mask, but a new CPAP pillow.

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