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Oral CPAP Masks Frequently Asked Questions |

    Oral CPAP Masks

    Oral CPAP Mask Overview

    Oral CPAP masks use an oval cushion to seal around the mouth and deliver air through two inlets inside the mask. An inside flap rests between your teeth and lips and a second curls over your lips to keep the mask stable. This design is great for users who experience frequent nasal congestion. Users without congestion typically find that air blown in their mouth through the mask escapes through their nose and dries their airway. While the design concept is innovative, user reviews show that there is still much work to be done with this style of CPAP mask.

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    Oral FAQs

      Why might I need an oral face mask?
    An individual who cannot breathe through their nose at all due to a severely deviated septum, nasal congestion or facial injury may find the delivery of the CPAP air stream through only the mouth preferable to a full face mask which delivers air to both the nose and mouth.

    Oral masks deliver airflow only to the mouth. The nasal openings or nares are closed with nose plugs. It is highly recommended to use a heated humidifier with an oral mask. Most users find there is a period of adjustment while becoming accustomed to an oral delivery mask.
    Oracle HC452 Oral CPAP Mask

    Did You Know?, Oral

    • Oral masks have replacement cushions just like most nasal and full face masks.
    • Masks should be cleaned daily. Use mask wipes for freshening up in between thorough cleanings.
    • Oral masks deliver air through your mouth only. This eliminates forehead pads and nasal cushions.
    • If you are unsure of your selection, you can always read the user reviews for more information and a star rating.

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