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    CPAP Pricing


    We will match our competition's documented price in most cases. Please email us a link to the website you found the lower price on, the name of the product, and its price. You may also paste this information in the Comments section as you place your order. "MAP" Policies, or Minimum Advertised Price policies, are common throughout internet shopping. MAP policies are set separately by manufacturers, so they will vary. If you see a comment requesting you to call for pricing, please do so to receive an accurate price for that product.

    Pricing FAQs

      Why are prices so low?
    We do not accept insurance assignment and the savings are passed onto our customers. Additionally, is a high volume business positioned in a very competitive online CPAP market.
      Does Match Any Competitor Pricing? offers 100% Price Protection, which means we will make sure that our pricing matches lower-priced competitors. only sells new merchandise, and does not sell refurbished or used equipment. Therefore, we can't match prices for refurbished or used equipment.

    Please send us a link to the website you found new, unused equipment listed at a lower price, the name of the product, and its price to process a price match.

      Bread FAQs
    • Who is Bread? Bread offers a fast and easy online experience, and fair rates and friendly payment terms to customers, who want to pay over time. You can check your rate in seconds, and there's no obligation to purchase.
    • I applied and got a monthly payment that is much higher than the as low as number you advertised. Why is that? The as low as number is an example based on one of the rates Bread offers. If you pre-qualify, Bread offers rates to our customers that range from 5.99% to 29.99% APR. Different customers qualify for different terms.
    • I think I deserve a lower rate. What sort of underwriting do you use? Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the underwriting decision. If you have any questions regarding your credit application with Bread, you can reach out to them directly at or 844.992.7323.
    • What are the Terms of Use/Truth in Lending Act Disclosure/Terms of the Loan Agreement disclosures? These are important disclosures, as with any other credit application, and we encourage you to read them. You can reach out to Bread at or 844.992.7323 if you have any questions regarding the disclosures, the terms of your loan, or your loan agreement.
    • I was not offered credit terms. Why is that? We do not have any control over the underwriting decision. You should receive an email notice from Bread within 24 hours regarding your application.
    • I was asked to call Bread in order to move forward the application. Why is that? It is possible Bread needs more information to verify your identity before moving forward. This is normal, and done to protect our customers against identity theft. Bread can be reached at 844.992.7323.
    • How does a refund work with Bread? All refund requests should go through, and if a refund is granted, Bread will cancel or adjust your loan. If you have already made payments, Bread will keep the interest, and refund the principal you have already paid.
    • Who can fill out the Bread application? If you are applying for a loan, you must input your own information and agree to the disclosure and terms.
    • How does the Bread application process work? Applying is easy and only takes seconds. When you click the Bread button on a product page you will enter a few pieces of personal information, and then Bread will text you a one-time passcode to help verify your identify. If you pre-qualify, you will then see your payment options, and then you can continue shopping. At checkout, select Bread as a payment method, and enter a new one-time passcode to login again, confirm your order details, and checkout.
    • Will the financing affect my credit score? Bread uses a soft inquiry to check your rate, which won't affect your credit score. If you then decide to complete a purchase, Bread will provide a standard notification to the credit bureau only the first time you shop with Bread.
    • Is Bread like a credit card? No, Bread only offers fixed APR options, so you will know what your monthly payments are up-front. You can pay online in Bread's members portal with a debit card or ACH.
    • When is my first payment due? Your payments will be due monthly starting about a month after your order is shipped. Bread will send you a welcome email with your payment schedule, and information about how to manage your account and schedule your first payment. The email will come from They will also send you a reminder by text message a few days before your first payment is due.
    • Can I prepay my loan with Bread? Absolutely. And there is no penalty should you do so.
    • Can I pay my loan off early? Absolutely. And there is no penalty should you do so.
    • What is my credit limit? We don't have control over the underwriting decision, however, we know that unlike a credit card with a strict credit limit, each purchase is evaluated separately as a closed end transaction.


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