CPAP Filters

    How and When To Change Your CPAP Filters

    • Changing CPAP filters can regularly go a long way to improving the longevity of your machine. A filter on a CPAP machine functions like an air filter in your home or on a car. It helps remove allergens, pollutants, and other irritants from the air you breathe. It goes a long way to improving the quality of your sleep and has a lot of other benefits as well. CPAP filters should be inspected regularly.

      You need to change your CPAP filters when the mesh material begins to look discolored, which may be once each month. Filters are not universal. Each machine uses its own type of filter configuration, so what works for one machine might not work for another. Filters are designed to be easily ejected from the CPAP machine. Some machines have a slot or door on the side or rear of the machine and can be accessed easily. In most cases, you should be able to remove the filter with the push of a button or by using your fingers-- without tools.

      Reusable CPAP Filters

      A reusable CPAP filter is just what the name implies: it's a filter that can be cleaned for reuse. Even though reusable filters can be cleaned, this doesn't mean that they have an unlimited lifespan. Reusable CPAP filters are often made of foam, and over time, the foam tends to break down. When the foam appears to have significant deterioration, it's time to replace the reusable filter. You can clean a reusable CPAP filter with mild soap and water, using gentle wiping. It should be cleaned once every 2 weeks and replaced every 6 months.

      Disposable CPAP Filters

      A disposable CPAP filter is a filter that is not meant to be cleaned. It should be used and disposed of whenever the CPAP filter begins to look discolored. It should then be replaced with another disposable CPAP filter.

    • Depending on the machine, a disposable CPAP filter should not be replaced with a reusable CPAP filter. The two are designed very differently, and in most cases, this kind of switch would be impossible. A reusable filter may not fit into the slot or attach properly.

      Philips Respironics Filters

      Philips Respironics is a leading manufacturer of CPAP machines, and one of the biggest suppliers of CPAP machines overall. If you have a Philips Respironics CPAP machine, you're going to need a Philips Respironics filter. When shopping for a Philips Respironics filter, it's important to know the brand name of the machine you have. Each Philips Respironics machine has it's own filter requirements, and cannot be interchanged as each machine is very different. It's important to know the manufacturer, make, and model of your machine. From there you can shop for the right filter. Visit the Philips Respironics Filters Category Page for more information or to order.

      Resmed CPAP Filters

      Resmed is another top manufacturer, that is a preferred brand of many customers. CPAP filters are also specific to the machine itself, so you'll need to know the make and model of which machine you have. To find out which Resmed CPAP filter you need, simply search our website for "CPAP filter" and then shop by brand. If you're looking for a specific Resmed CPAP filter, we've got you covered. Product information for Resmed CPAP filters can be found on the Resmed CPAP Filters Category Page.

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