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    Keep your CPAP mask in top shape and extend its life with our wide selection of replacement CPAP mask parts. The replacement part finder can help you find exactly what you need.

    Common CPAP Mask Parts Questions

    CPAP Mask Parts Keep Your Mask in Great Shape!

    Just like your machine, your mask is made up of several kinds of parts that can impact the quality of the CPAP therapy you're receiving. Mask parts include the headgear, clips, cushions, and the mask frame. If you're not replacing these parts when they wear out, you're not getting the most out of your therapy. Masks have never been intended as devices that were meant to last a lifetime. Keeping this in mind, let's dive into these frequently asked questions about masks:

    When Should I Replace my CPAP Mask?

    Your mask should be completely replaced once every 6 - 12 months. It's also important to evaluate your treatment periodically, as small changes in your life can have big changes in how you sleep. If you notice you're getting fewer benefits out of your therapy, it may be time for a new mask. Is the mask becoming harder and harder to seal? Do you struggle with leaks? Are your CPAP mask parts frayed, worn, or cracked? These are all telltale signs that your mask may need to be replaced.

    How Often Should I Replace My CPAP Mask Cushion?

    The mask cushion should be replaced once every 3 - 6 months. Mask cushions are especially sensitive to oils, and the oils from the skin are no exception. When cleaning a mask cushion, it's important to not use any product that has petroleum products in it, as petroleum can cause the mask cushion to break down (if made of silicone). Over time, like headgear straps, mask cushions tend to wear out, requiring a tighter and tighter fit to maintain the seal. This can be bad news for your face, as a tighter fit may mean the presence of red marks. If you replace your mask cushion on schedule, you will have a better seal and you'll have a better experience with your mask.

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    Ways to Upgrade Your Current Mask

    Depending on the type and brand of mask you have, you may be able to find replacement diffuser filters or alternative cushions for applicable masks, and you may be able to upgrade your existing system. Don't know what parts you need? Try using our replacement part finder, and be able to search and find parts for almost any therapy device.

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