CPAP Mask Parts

    Which CPAP Mask Parts Do You Need?

    • CPAP masks parts are a great and inexpensive way to maintain your Sleep Apnea set up. For example, CPAP mask parts such as mask cushions are how the mask seals to your face or nose. You may find the mask no longer seals properly, should the cushion wear out.

      Regularly replacing your mask cushions and headgear helps keep your CPAP mask fresh and effective. It may even help extend the life of your CPAP mask. This is important because mask cushions and mask pillows may break down over time and impact the ability of your mask to seal. Replace your mask cushion every three to six months or the seal diminishes.

    • CPAP mask headgear can also stretch out. So, replacing your mask headgear every six to nine months is important. Having a hard time finding what you need? Once you select your replacement part category, use the filters on the left hand side to help you search by manufacturers. This means we can help you find those perfect Respironics or ResMed mask parts you're looking for.

      Have a broken headgear clip? If so, don't get a whole CPAP mask replacement! For most masks, we have replacement clips available for purchase. The best part? No prescriptions are needed!

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