Pixi™ Pediatric CPAP Mask Assembly Kit

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    • Pixi Pediatric Mask
    Pixi™ Pediatric CPAP Mask Assembly Kit

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    • Mask Cushions

      A new, complete mask will come with a cushion, but it will need to be replaced every six to nine months as the silicone breaks down from general use. Purchasing extra cushions now will keep you stocked, and may help you save on shipping costs down the line.

    • Mask Headgear

      Over time headgear may stretch out, requiring adjustments to the fit and positioning of the mask. The mask assembly kits do not come with a headgear included.

    • SnuggleHose Cover - Short Tubes

      Add comfort and reduce rainout by adding a SnuggleHose wrap to the short tube used with the mask. The soft fleece SnuggleHose covers the tube to make it feel warm and soft while helping avoid condensation.



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