TAP PAP Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Improved Stability Mouthpiece - SM, MD & LG Included

    This product comes with:

    • Mask Frame Assembly
    • 3 - Sets Nasal Pillow (S, M, L)
    • Mouthpiece
    • Short Tube
    • Instruction Booklet
    TAP PAP Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Improved Stability Mouthpiece - SM, MD & LG Included

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    • FREE Mask Return Insurance

      Mask Return Insurance is included FREE with every purchase of this mask. Mask return insurance allows you to return a used mask within 30 days of its purchase, minus the cost of shipping, no questions asked. Return insurance includes a pre-printed mailing label for an easy return. CPAP.com is only able to provide return labels to customers within the 48 Continental United States.

    • Tube Management Clip

      Ever wish the hose would stay put and not shift during the night? The Tube Management Clip fits both slim and standard width hoses and can be used to secure short lightweight mask tubes, or long tubes, to bedding or pajamas.

    • Nasal Pillows

      Your first mask will come with a set of nasal pillows, but many users like to have extra pairs on hand. To maintain proper hygiene and a good seal, nasal pillows should be replaced every six months or sooner.

    • Mask Wipes

      Cleanliness is an important part of achieving pleasant sleep therapy. Using mask wipes in between thorough cleanings will keep your mask fresh and help remove the oils that break down your cushion, helping it last longer.

    • Cleaning Solution

      When cleaning your mask it is important to get hospital strength with a soft touch. Control III is silicone safe and non-toxic when diluted, so it will effectively cleanse your mask without breaking down cushions or other delicate parts.

    • Mask Strap Pads

      Tired of red marks and rubbing? Mask strap pads add extra padding between you and your mask straps, cutting down on the irritation causing red marks.

    • NeilMed Sinus Relief Solutions

      Feeling overly stuffy and can't get to sleep? It's a common problem with an easy fix-- Neil Med Sinus Relief solutions. Designed to completely clear the sinuses, these products will help make it easier to beat congestion and fall asleep.

    • Irritation Soothers

      Reducing irritation to nares may be as simple as lubricating skin coming in contact with mask parts. Try one of our hypoallergenic options to protect your sensitive skin.

    • CPAP Pillows

      Many users encounter mask leaks because their pillow moves their mask out of place. Choose from one of our CPAP friendly alternatives for increased comfort and fewer leaks.

    • SnuggleHose Cover - Short Tubes

      Add comfort and reduce rainout by adding a SnuggleHose wrap to the short tube used with the mask. The soft fleece SnuggleHose covers the tube to make it feel warm and soft while helping avoid condensation.



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