Transcend Heat Moisture Exchanger

    by Somnetics.

  • Transcend Heat Moisture Exchanger
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    Manufactured by Somnetics.

    Product Features

    The Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) is designed to provide moisture while using the Transcend Bedside Kit for Waterless Humidification with the following Somnetics machine:

    It differs from a humidification chamber by capturing heat and moisture from every exhalation. It then returns the heat and moisture upon inhalation. The HME is also much smaller than a humidification chamber and can easily be replaced. Hospitals employ HME technology to provide patients with ventilation.

    The HME should be changed each time you feel that you are not receiving adequate humidification. This averages about once per week. Keep the replacement HME sealed in its packaging until ready for use. It will immediately start to collect moisture once exposed to the air.

    This product is compatible only with the Transcend machines along with the Transcend Bedside Kit for Waterless Humidification. This HME is not compatible with any other machines.

    This is a single HME (Heat Moisture Exchage Unit) and does not include the machine or other parts required for use.

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