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    Top Review

    "works well; have not run out of juice even on flights to/from Asia"

    June 14, 2012

    Product Overview

    Manufactured by Somnetics.

    Product Features

    This is the lightweight 4-cell battery for the Transcend Travel CPAP Machine and the Transcend 'Soft & Wearable' Travel CPAP Machine. The shipping weight of the battery is only 1 lbs (16 oz).

    The battery can be placed close by while sleeping or use the OPTIONAL Battery Pouch along with the Arm Band or Chest Band to secure the battery.

    Manufacturer testing shows that a fully charged battery will power a Transcend CPAP set to 14 cmwp for an estimated 7 to 9 hours. Please note: The actual battery life is dependent on pressure setting, altitude, temperature and breathing habits and leak rates for the individual user.

    There is also a Multi-Night Battery available with 8 cells that is estimated to run 14 to 16 ours at a pressure of 14 cmwp when fully charged.

    Charge Time Using AC or DC Source with Mobile Power Adapter:

    • Transcend Overnight Battery - Approximately 5 hours
    • Transcend Mulit-Night Battery - Approximately 8 hours

    Use the sun to charge the Transcend Battery! With the optional Transcend Portable Solar Charger add the versatility of being able to recharge the battery while on the go – camping or hiking. The Portable Solar Charger also preserves CPAP treatment during extended power outages.

    Charge Time using the Transcend Portable Solar Charge in optimal conditions and direct sunlight:

    • Transcend Overnight Battery - Approximately 6 hours
    • Transcend Mulit-Night Battery - Approximately 12 hours

    According to the manufacturer the life span of this battery is approximately 300 charging cycles.


    This Product Includes...

    • Battery

    Product Specifications

    • Weight: 1 lbs (16.00 ounces) (shipping weight)
    • Size: 4 1/2" L x 3 1/8" W x 7/8" D
    • Life: 7 to 9 hours per charge measured @ 14 cm of pressure
    • Operating Temperature Range: 32 to 113ºF (0º to 45ºC)
    • Warranty: 9 months
    • Charge Cycles: 300 Charges (Estimated) always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    Operating Temperature: The Transcend battery is for use in temperatures of 32 to 113ºF (0º to 45ºC). The Transcend battery is not waterproof and caution should be taken to keep it dry.

    Battery Run Time: The length of run time of the battery is dependent on environmental factors such as temperature and altitude, as well as the user of the CPAP machine. The pressure setting will effect the run time as will the leak rate. A very high leak rate will cause the machine to shut down and a low leak rate will cause the machine to work harder to compensate for the leak thereby reducing the run time. Check the compliance report for incidents of apneas as an indicator of leaks.

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