Everest Aura Travel CPAP, Aura Heated Humidifier, Rechargeable Battery Pack, bag, hose and manuals

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    Product Overview

    The Everest is rugged enough for travel, small enough to be easily stowed in your carry on luggage, and best of all, it takes little room on the night stand.

    With the included battery and heated humidifer option you will never miss a night of comfortable CPAP therapy.

    • Compact

      People notice how compact the aura CPAP is right away. This unit will fit easily on a nightstand, leaving plenty of room for other essentials, from a clock radio to lamp to a glass of water.

    • Portable

      The aura's small size makes traveling with a CPAP easy. Amazingly lightweight, aura fits neatly into its carrying case for a compact second bag. The complete aura system fits easily into carryon bags, making that piece unnecessary.

    • Battery Operated

      Adding to the ease of travel with this CPAP is an industry first - an integrated, rechargeable battery, capable of powering the unit throughout the night. It's perfect for camping, boating or other activities that take patients beyond stationary power supplies, and provides a backup during power outages as well. This battery can operate the system all night, and adds only one inch to the systems height.

    • Integrated

      Aura is an integrated system, including all components in one total package. The CPAP unit, battery and humidifier all fit within the battery's footprint. All the parts work together seamlessly to offer OSA patients the best CPAP experience possible. Interview: AEIOmed Everest Aura Battery Powered CPAP
    Everest Aura Travel CPAP, Aura Heated Hu...

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    • Basic Features

      Apex Medical
      2 Years
      2 Years
      Sound Level
      26.6 dBA
      28 dB
      Manuals Included
      Patient/Quick Setup
    • Dimensions

    • Humidifier Features

    • Pressure Features

    • Power Features

    • Software Features

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