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    Product Overview

    Manufactured by Confortaire Inc..

    Product Features

    The Memory Foam CPAP Pillow helps CPAP users who sleep on their side or stomach. Conventional pillows can cause CPAP masks to press and rub against your face, which leads to uncomfortable red marks, poor seal and unnecessary leaking due to hose torque.

    Confortaire has developed a memory foam pillow that is effective in any sleep position. The pillow has a high density support base with a memory foam sleep surface that contours and cradles the neck for support to stabilize the CPAP user's head position. The memory foam is centered in the middle and top portion of the pillow, allowing space on either side for use with a CPAP mask. This reduces:

    • Mask leaks
    • Mask pressure on face
    • Airway resistance due to better neck support
    • Hose Tension

    The Memory Foam CPAP Pillow comes with a custom pillowcase.

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    Important Tips

    The manufacturer describes the visco-elastic memory foam to be of Medium firmness.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    I sleep on my side or stomach, what are my options?
    Sleeping on your side or stomach is preferable to sleeping on your back because sleeping on your back worsens all forms of sleep-disordered breathing. However, sleeping on your side or stomach can present problems with CPAP therapy. Both positions can put pressure on one side of your mask increasing your leak rate. Your options are to (1) try a mask that other side sleepers like (2) try bed pillows made for CPAP users.
    • Masks: In our experience, some masks allow for movement in different sleeping positions better than others. See our recommended masks for Active or Side/Stomach Sleepers.

    • Special CPAP Pillows: Regular bed pillows can put pressure against the mask and cause leaks. CPAP pillows are made with CPAP users in mind. These special pillows are designed to minimize the contact of the CPAP mask with the pillow, even when you are sleeping on your side.
      SleePAP CPAP Pillow
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