Sandman Series Therapy Software 1.2

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    Item # M-214830-11

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    Product Overview

    The Sandman Therapy Software enables Sandman CPAP users to monitor therapy effectiveness from the machine. The software can output data in the form of a simple report or store results for later analysis. Once the CPAP has been operating for at least 5 minutes, pressure data is stored in the device up to 145 "on-off" sessions or copied over to the memory card.

    Use the software to send reports via email or export data to a spreadsheet for analysis.

    This Kit comes with:

    • Software CD-ROM
    • Instruction manual

    Version 1.2 is compatible with:

    • SandMan Intro
    • SandMan Info
    • SandMan Auto

    The USB Memory Card Reader (sold separately or as a bundle) will only work with the Sandman CPAP Memory Card that comes standard with All Sandman Machines or sold separately.

    Sandman Series Therapy Software 1.2


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