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    SmartLink 3.0 CD for DeVilbiss IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 Machines

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    Product Overview

    The SmartLink 3.0 CD for DeVilbiss IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 Machines is a tracking software which is compatible with all IntelliPAP model machines. Install the CD on a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 to begin receiving daily sleep results.

    Manufactured by DeVilbiss.

    Product Features

    The SmartLink 3.0 CD for DeVilbiss IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 Machines is an accessory to IntelliPAP machines designed to display therapy data recorded on a SD card. The original IntelliPAP machines require a module, a data card, and card reader, all of which must be purchased separately to generate a report. IntelliPAP 2 machines have a built-in SD card slot, and require only a data card and card reader. This is the software disk only and does not include any other products.


    • Data Tracking & Reports
    • SmartLink App for Smartphones

    Data Tracking & Reports

    All IntelliPAP machines using the SmartLink Therapy System record basic data such as: compliance hours, total operating hours, pressure, and pressure relief information. These machines report on the following parameters:

    • Number of Days in Range
    • Number of Days With Any Usage
    • Average Hours of Use per Day for Days With Any Usage
    • Standard Deviation of Hours Used per Day With Any Usage

    Refer to the histogram to view a detailed report on the number of days used versus the hour of use per day.

    Please Note: There are two ways to view the hours of usage. First, the summary view reports the overall number of hours the IntelliPAP machine was in use. Second, the detailed view publishes the time when the machine was turned on and off.

    AutoAdjusting and BiLevel IntelliPAP machines which use the SmartLink Therapy System, record basic compliance data, as well as advanced reports on the following: pressure, leak detection, and AHI events. Additional details shown include:

    Time at Pressure

    • Blue Bars - Hours of Use Versus Pressure
    • Yellow Line - Cumulative Time at Pressure
    • The 90th Percentile Pressure is Highlighted
    • Time With Delay Active Excluded

    Pressure, Leak, and AHI Data

    • Pressure - Average and Maximum Pressure
    • Leak - Average Leak in Liters per Minute
    • AHI - Sum of Apnea and Hypopnea Events
    • All - Time With Delay Active Excluded


    The Nonin® Xpod Oximeter is an OPTIONAL device designed to pair with the SmartLink 3.0 software to render oxygen saturation data. This unit can provide up to nine nights of information.

    SmartLink App for Smartphones

    Also available, if needed, is the OPTIONAL SmartLink app which can be paired with an IntelliPAP 2 machine. The DeVilbiss SmartLink app can be accessed on an iPhone or Android smartphone. The app can be found in the iTunes store for iPhones, as well as the Google Play store for Androids. Pair the IntelliPAP 2 machine with the app by connecting to the wireless, Bluetooth feature. Please Note: The SmartLink app is not available with the original IntelliPAP machines.

    Software is intended for use by Sleep Labs and DMEs. We do not provide technical support for software purchases.


    This Product Includes...

    • 1 - SmartLink 3.0 CD

    Product Specifications

  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8; not compatible with Mac

  • Required RAM: 512 MB

  • Suggested RAM: 1 GB

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    Important Tips

    Compatibility Tips

    The SmartLink 3.0 CD is compatible with the following machines:

    • IntelliPAP Standard (DV51 Series)
    • IntelliPAP Standard Plus (DV53 Series)
    • IntelliPAP AutoAdjust (DV54 Series)
    • IntelliPAP BiLevel S (DV55 Series)
    • IntelliPAP BiLevel ST (DV56 Series)
    • IntelliPAP AutoBiLevel (DV57 Series)
    • IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust (DV64 Series)

    Please Note: The SmartLink 3.0 CD for IntelliPAP machines only works with PC units running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. The tracking software is not compatible with Mac computers.

    Variance in Design Between IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 Machines

    To record sleep data, the original IntelliPAP models require a module, which is not included with the machine. IntelliPAP 2 machines have undergone an update which has a built-in SD card slot, omitting the need for the module. Both the IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 machines require a SD card to store the data. The SD card must be purchased separately for all machines.

    Basic and Advanced Compliance Data

    Though, the SmartLink software is compatible with all IntelliPAP machines, the information stored will be different depending on the device.

    • Standard IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 machines record basic compliance data.
    • AutoAdjusting and BiLevel IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 machines record basic compliance data along with average and minimum pressure and leak rate.

    Data Storage Tips

    Therapy data is not stored on the IntelliPAP machine. The SmartLink Software must be installed in order to collect sleep results. This purchase only includes the SmartLink CD which is designed to connect the IntelliPAP machine to the desktop device. In order to begin storing and accessing data, the user will need the SmartLink Therapy Management Module, which records data onto a data card which can be viewed or shared with a physician.

    Installation Tips

    • Load the SmartLink CD in the computer's CD-ROM drive.
    • When the welcome screen appears, click Next.
    • Choose Next and agree to the default installation folder.
    • Install the application by accepting the Install option.
    • Click finish to complete the process.

    Once the installation is complete, the application is found in the start menu. Select the option to allow the application to surpass the firewall, if needed.

    Default Time Stamp

    The SmartLink module is set to Greenwich Mean Time by default. When the data is uploaded to the SmartLink software it is assigned the local time zone of the computer running the software. Alternatively, the local time zone that was previously assigned to the software may display if it is different than the computer's local time.

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