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    "This brush exceeded my expectations with the quality of construction and materials used. A MUST for anyone with any CPAP/APAP machine!"

    January 28, 2011

    "It works very well. I like that I can get the inside of the hose clean."

    January 22, 2011

    Product Overview

    The CPAP Tube Brush is specifically designed to scrub and clean the inside of a standard CPAP hose. Anytime moisture sits in an enclosed space, you risk the chance of growing mold or algae. The Tube Brush bristles gently clean your CPAP tubing.

    Manufactured by Monaco Products, Inc.

    Product Features

    Anyone who has tried cleaning a CPAP tube knows there are not many ways to thoroughly clean inside the hose. The Tube Brush is a five foot galvanized stem with a tubular shaped brush on one end. Feed the flexible stem, brush end first, into the CPAP tube and gently begin working the brush back out, scrubbing away at the inside liner.

    The soft nylon bristles are sized to exactly fit a standard (22mm bore) CPAP hose. The five foot stem is more than enough to clean a ten foot hose. Simply clean each end of the CPAP tube to scrub the entire hose.

    The CPAP Tube Brush is for use only with standard size, 22mm diameter hose. It is NOT designed to work with SlimLine tubes, those being 15mm or 18mm in diameter.


    Product Specifications

    Length: 5 Foot

    Bore Size: 22mm

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    Important Tips

    Care and Usage
    1. Carefully unwind and straighten tube brush , maintaining a hold on both ends. Once unwound, we suggest finding somewhere to hang the brush. Repeatedly winding and unwinding it may fatigue the metal, resulting in a broken stem.
    2. Wash before use with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
    3. To clean your CPAP tubing, once again use a mild detergent and luke-warm water.
    4. Keeping the tube as straight as possible, gently work brush back-and-forth in short strokes, gradually working further inside the tube.
    5. Avoid aggressive use when cleaning. The fan tipped brush will reduce stress to tubing walls. However, it is recommended the CPAP tube be kept as straight as possible during cleanings to avoid unnecessary wear or damage.
    6. When done cleaning, thoroughly rinse tube with a stream of cool water.
    7. Attach tube to CPAP machine, and let run for 15 minutes or so, or until you feel all interior moisture has evaporated.
    8. Gently pat the bristles until dry to the touch and hang somewhere where there is air circulation.
    9. While hot water may seem better, hot water dries out plastics, and shortens their lifespan.
    Note: We are not responsible for damaged tubing caused by improper cleaning procedures. CPAP tube brush is sold solely for the purpose of maintaining your CPAP tubing. The manufacturer is not responsible for consequences of any other use.

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