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    PurSleep CPAP Aromatherapy Air Candy Oil Set (6 Pack)

    BY Pur-Sleep Item #AirCandy-6pk

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    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

    Product Overview

    Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy AirCandy Oil Set

    Included in package:

    Six individual zip lock bags

    Six Durable, Washable, and Re-usable Diffusion Pads

    ­­One 5ml bottle each of the most popular AirCandy oils: Strawberry, French Vanilla, Black Cherry, Bubble Gum, Peach, and Dark Chocolate.

    THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CERAMIC TRAY and is for use by customers who already own a Pur-Sleep system.

    Introducing the Pur-Sleep System

    The Pur-Sleep is a line of holistic aromatherapy products designed specifically for use in connection with all types CPAP equipment. The Pur-Sleep Diffuser lightly scents the air with one of nine essential oils as the air is drawn into CPAP equipment. Simply place a few drops of Pur-Sleep Essential Oil on the diffusion pad and place the diffusion pad on the diffuser and set near the air-intake of your CPAP/BIPAP machine. Pur-Sleep provides a functional and practical way to experience pleasant aromatics with your CPAP equipment since manufacturers typically recommend using only distilled water in the humidifier chamber and aromatic oils could cause damage if directly applied to the equipment.

    Pleasant smells induce strong feelings of calm, comfort, and relaxation. The sense of smell is part of the brain's emotional centers and cognitive distraction (the ability to exclude other distracting stimuli) is an important feature of human olfaction. Unlike the other primary senses, smell is a chemical sense. Detection of given aromatic molecules initiates a cascade of physiological and emotional responses that occur whether or not the person is conscious of the presence of any smell. Whether people consciously recognize it or not, the sense of smell works against their CPAP therapy. Research has proven that even very small amounts of plastic compounds, even below conscious detection levels, such as vinyl chloride and styrene (and others emitted by all CPAP equipment) result in high levels of stress, irritation, and anxiety.

    The Pur-Sleep System allows the sense of smell to help improve emotion, comfort, and compliance. Simply set up the Diffuser, place a few drops of one of our essential oils on the Diffusion Pad (a light background fragrance works best), put on your mask, lay back, relax, and revel in the authentic aromas.

    Please read our In House Comments below and the Pur-Sleep FAQs for more information.

    You will need to purchase one of the following Basic Starter Pack, Standard Starter Pack, Deluxe Starter Pack and Ultimate Starter Pack which include everything you need to start using the AirCandy Refills.

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