Respironics Battery Kit for Respironics Legacy BiPAP Machines

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    Item # Respironics-Battery-8

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    Product Overview

    The Universal Portable Battery Pack is the newest of Respironics DC accessories. It provides the ultimate in power, portability and convenience. Please see below for the list of compatible machines for this battery kit.
    12V, 2.3A Switch Mode Charger. The charger is designed to effectively charge sealed lead-acid batteries while protecting the batteries for overcharging.

    Universal Voltage Input of 100-240 AC. This provides reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

    Status Lights. Multi-colored charging status lights.

    Charge Time. The charge time is 10 hours on a completely drained battery. Less if there is a still power in the battery when charging begins.

    Shelf Life. This battery can sit 6 - 9 months when not in use before needing to be recharged.

    Estimated Run Times. Please see the "Machine Pressure and Battery Performance" feature below to estimate the battery run time for your machine at your pressure setting. Using a heated humidifier on a 12volt battery power source will significantly reduce the amount of power provided. In most cases, usage is reduced to less than half the estimated operational time. CPAPs or BiPAPs requiring inverters reduce the power time even more.

    Compatible Machines. This battery kit comes with the Respironics battery and the Respironics RP-DC Power Adapter. If you have any questions call our toll free number 800-356-5221 for assistance from a CPAP expert. The following machines are compatible for this kit:

    Respironics Battery Kit for Respironics Legacy BiPAP Machines is not Compatible with any other Respironics machines. All other Respironics DC compatible machines should refer to: Respironics Battery Kit with Universal 12 Volt DC Cable
    Respironics Battery Kit for Respironics...


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