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DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear |

Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear (Small and Medium Frame Included)

Top Reviews

"I love this mask. It comes over the top of my head and is out of the way when I sleep. Very light. You forget you are wearing it."

April 20, 2018

"Love this mask!! Feels like you’re wearing nothing compared to my old full face mask. Highly recommend!"

May 29, 2018

Product Overview

Try the DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask risk-free for 30 days! You'll have 30 days from the date of original purchase to see if this mask is for you. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, you can return it for a full refund—no questions asked!

Who says you can't sleep in your favorite position with a CPAP? The DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask is designed to allow you to sleep in almost any position without issues, and that includes your side and stomach. You'll also enjoy a wide-open field of vision, allowing you to see and do so much more before you fall asleep.

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

6% of Full Face Mask product buyers choose this product.

Product Features

The DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask is able to put an end to all your compromises with a CPAP mask that gives you the freedom and flexibility to do what you want before bed while being able to sleep how you like.

Looking for the DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask - Fit Pack which includes cushions in all sizes? Visit the DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask - Fit Pack product page for more details, and learn how you can try each cushion and find the size for you.

Best For:

  • Active Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers
  • Mouth Breathing

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Cushion Doesn't Block Your View
  • Unique Hose Connection - Sleep How You Like
  • Minimalistic Design With Fewer Parts
  • Hollow Frame Design With Supportive Headgear
  • Magnetic Clips Anchor the Headgear
  • Comes with a Single Cushion in Selected Size

Compact Cushion Doesn't Block Your View

Live every touchdown, read every word, and never miss an important text with the DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask. It eliminates all the bulk from the front of the face so you can do more of what you love when you wind down and get ready for bed. You'll have no hoses, tubes or wires getting in your way and blocking your view.

Unique Hose Connection with Hollow Frame Design

The hose connects on top of the head and uses the hollow frame design to route the pressurized air through to your mask. This way, you don't have to deal with having an elbow and tubing right in the front of your face. Instead, it's up and out of the way on a 360-degree swivel so you can move to your favorite spot on the bed. You can sleep on your side, stomach, or whatever suits you the best.

Minimalistic Design with Fewer Parts

Who needs a complicated mask? Don't get stuck trying to figure out your mask and headgear at 3 AM. Instead, choose a mask with a minimal amount of parts—like this one. It will be easier to maintain, and you'll get more mileage out of it.

Magnetic Clips Anchor the Headgear

The magnetic clips make attaching the headgear to the frame easy, and provide the additional support and flexibility you need to easily put it on and take it off. It's an easier connection to make than using velcro or plastic clips.

Comes With a Single Cushion in Selected Size

Choose from Small, Medium, Medium Wide, or Large sized cushions, and get the cushion of your choice included with today's purchase.

OPTIONAL: Fabric Wraps for DreamWear Masks / P30i

If you're having trouble with the cool feeling of silicone on your face, you may want to try adding fabric wraps to your mask frame. Pad-a-Cheek Fabric Wraps for the DreamWear and P30i are used to create a layer of softness between the silicone and your cheeks so you won't feel the chill of cool silicone on your face while reducing the likelihood for red marks.

Return On Warranty Issues Only


This Product Includes...

  • Mask in Selected Size
  • Headgear

Product Specifications

Length of the Small Frame: 19 in

Length of the Medium Frame: 20 in

Length of the Large Frame: 22 in

Material Composition of the DreamWear Mask

  • Cushion: Silicone Polycarbonate
  • Frame: Silicone Polycarbonate
  • Elbow: Polycarbonate
  • Tubing Quick Release: Polycarbonate
  • Headgear: Polyurethane Foam, nylon/Spandex
  • Fabric Wraps: Polyester/Spandex always offers these services:

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Manufacturer Note

  • A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product.
  • Philips Respironics products are for sale only to patients within the U.S. and not to other third parties or businesses.
  • All services provided by, including advertisement, ordering, sale, delivery, instruction, and setup of the products are performed solely by and independently of the manufacturer.

Important Tips

Magnet Warning

The headgear clips and mask cushion of the DreamWear Full Face Mask contain magnets. The clips should be kept at least 2 inches away from any active medical device with special attention to implanted devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and cochlear implants.

How To Determine the Correct Frame Size?

The frame size is equivalent to the distance around the head from one side of the nose to the other. Follow these steps to determine the appropriate frame size:

Begin by placing the measuring tape marker at the base of the nose on one side. Use the tape to follow along the side of the cheek and upward over the top of the head. Keep pulling the tape measure around the face, down the other cheek, and to the base of the nose on the opposite side.

Use this measurement to most closely match one of the frame sizes listed below:

  • Small Frame - 19 Inches
  • Medium Frame - 20 Inches
  • Large Frame - 22 Inches
Manufacturer's Frame Sizing Guide

Frame Sizing Tips

The ideal fit for the DreamWear series of masks is one in which the frame goes up the side of the face, between the eye and the ear. If the medium frame slips when positioned this way, and slides back over the ear, it's a sign the small frame is a better fit. If the medium frame bunches up close to the eyes, or partially blocks view, it's a sign the large frame is a better fit. The manufacturer has provided a helpful frame fitting guide that can assist with frame selection.

Putting On The Mask

  1. With the mask assembled, place the cushion under the nose.
  2. Position the frame on top of the head.
  3. Pull the headgear over the back of the head.
  4. Attach the magnetic headgear clips to the mask cushion.

Removing The Mask

To keep the adjustments, remove the mask by grasping the cushion and pulling forward away from the nose. Then pull the cushion and mask up and off of the head.

DreamWear Full Face Mask Cleaning Tips

Here's how to clean the DreamWear Full Face Mask:

  1. Fill a basin with warm, mild soapy water.
  2. Submerge the DreamWear in the water and allow the water to fill the frame.
  3. Gently allow water to pass through the frame.
  4. Lightly scrub the cushion, and remove any deposits.
  5. If there happens to be any moisture inside the frame, connect the frame to the machine, and run it with pressure. This should remove the moisture.
  6. Allow to drip dry before the next use.

Replacement Parts

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