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    Product Overview

    Miss the Zzz-Mask Full Face Mask? Consider the Sunset HCS Full Face Mask. The same features and easy to clean design is found here. The mask is lightweight and flexible allowing the elbow swivel to shift with less chance of losing seal. No forehead support means less contact on the face.

    Manufactured by SUNSET.

    Product Features


    • Lightweight Materials
    • Minimal Frame
    • Flexible Swivel Connection
    • Fully Rotating Elbow
    • Easy Care Design
    • Durable
    • Vent Flow Deflector
    • Headgear with Clips

    Flexible & Lightweight

    The mask cushion of the Sunset HCS Full Face mask is made of soft and flexible medical grade silicone that contours naturally to the face. The cushion is supported by a minimal amount of lightweight frame ribbing.


    The elbow port connects to the silicone cushion of the Sunset HCS mask and is highly flexible. Designed with active sleepers in mind, the elbow allows the hose connection to move with less chance of disturbing the cushion seal. The elbow rotates a full 360° at the mask as does the swivel at the hose connection.

    Durable & Easy To Clean

    Due to its overall design this mask is easy to clean and durable. The mask frame is slightly flexible allowing it to give rather than snap. Additionally, the flexible elbow connection allows for movement without stressing the mask frame.

    Vent Design

    The air vent at the elbow includes a deflector that directs the airflow down and toward the hose.

    Headgear & Clips

    Easily remove the headgear without having to re-adjust the straps using the quick release clips. The mask comes packaged with an extra set of these clips which can be quickly added if the original clips are lost or broken. There is only one size headgear available for the mask: One Size Fits Most. The mask comes prepackaged with this headgear.


    This Product Includes...

    • Mask
    • Headgear with Clips
    • Extra Pair Headgear Clips

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    Important Tips

    The Sunset HCS Full Face Mask is a direct comparison to the Zzz-Mask Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear.

    As was the case with the later versions of the Zzz-Mask Full Face, the cushion of the Sunset HCS Full Face Mask cannot be detached from the mask frame.

    The Sunset HCS Full Face Mask comes packaged with an extra set of clear headgear clips.

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